Good Morning


When I went outside to take this photo about 8.45 in the morning I felt a few spots of rain. However, they soon disappeared, the weather must have changed its mind and now the sun is showing itself now and again. We even have a blue sky between the clouds, so what could  be better.

I have removed todays frozen meat from the freezer and by lunch time it will be nicely thawed out to cook. I seem to have everything under control this morning, not bad for a Monday and am now ready to go.

I read something interesting this morning in CNN news (sorry Mr. Trump but there are other news companies than Fox news). It seems that in the quest for help with the Covid virus they are now making tests for helping to fight the disease with a medicine known as Betaforen. This is something that is generally used for assisting the  immune system for MS sufferers and something I have been injecting, every second day, since my diagnosis, which is now 6 years, It is a silent helper for me, but overfall is probably doing its job.  I notice so spacial curing effects, but MS cannot be cured. You can only slow down the progress of symptoms.


Yesterday evening I was finishing the day by lowering the blinds and had a quick look outside. My moon photos were never very brilliant, but I was surprised to see how yesterday’s moon was shining so bright.

At last I found a book to download at a reasonable price on my Kindle. I was always a fan of genuine spy dramas and had read most of the books, especially from the Cold War days when Britain had its well known spy celebrities in the 50-60’s such as Burgess and Maclean and Kim Philby, not to mention George Blake. Mr. Swiss drew my attention to a book about Maclean, a British civil servant that defected to Russia, and that there was a newer book since many records had now been released from the British secret service about him. I decided to download it and now I have it on my Kindle. It was a very reasonable price, probably because it is not everyone’s taste, but I so remember the days of the real life spy drama in Britain and I am sure this will be something interesting for me.


I noticed my cat Tabby was again busy outside munching grass, so I was prepared for the arrival of a hairball in the apartment when she returned. I am sure that do it just to remind us humans of one of our feline duties of clearing it all away afterwards. It would not bother me so much if it was a ball, but seems more to be a grassy trail of indescribable shape and size. Now she has retired and probably dreaming of her next escapade.

And I should now get prepared for my next escapade of a little bit of cleaning, showering and general preparation for the day ahead. This afternoon is again a tour of the store. After the long week-end incorporating May Day, my cupboards are now quite bare and so I should refill them. I always have my extras down in the cellar in the deepfreeze or dry goods stored on a table, but even they have to be replenished now and again.

Have a good beginning to the week and remember it can only get better hopefully.


13 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning…. there are several conditions that the doctors are looking at because people who have these conditions have abnormally low rates of the virus, at least in the USA. I think one is Lupus … they are looking at the medication the sufferers take as a possible barrier to the virus. Right now is a very interesting time in medical research. I am sorry so many people are suffering and their lives are ending, but probably like the moon trip we will come out of this with a lot of new information and advancements that will benefit society as a whole. We are currently keeping an eye on my mother who will 101 in two weeks … the virus has finally arrived at her nursing home … so we will see. Have a great day … SLP …

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    • I hope your mother will be OK. I am glad my dad did not have to go through this. He was over 100 years old when he passed away. I noticed that there was not a lot said about the people with MS. Perhaps we were doing OK, I don’t know. I am glad that the problem is gradually minimising here.


      • That is quite a few kitties for one household. I brought a few feral cats from the old home in town to live with me out of town, but there was plenty of space for them to roam there. They were spayed so they could not multiply, and were happy to keep rodents away from the home. That many kitties would have been too many for the small space in town.

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  2. Good morning the sun is shining and we are looking for a nice day. Have read Helen MacInnes spy books She wrote them in the fifties and I read most of them about that time? We are starting the first phase of recovery today and there will a lot of people out. Social distance and mask are a must. A new slogan is KEEP MERIDIAN SAFE AND HEALTHY. Have safe trip to the store today

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    • We had a rainless quite warm day for a change. The spy books I was reading are true happenings and not novels. Our shops are all opening on 15th May and we are slowly getting out of the problems with the virus, but we are still keeping our distance. The mask is not yet a must, but it might become one.

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  3. That’s a beautiful puffy cloud sky. We had 1 (and almost) a second nice day in a row. It was WARM. I turned the heat off. I changed from the heavy quilt to a lighter one. I hope I wasn’t precipitous, but I was just SO happy to not be freezing. Even my feet weren’t cold. I live in hopes of seeing something other than this house.

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    • Even I began to wear a light jacket over the past week. but yesterday the sun was shining again and it was warm. Today? I awoke again to rain, and wet, although it is not so cold.


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