Good Morning


This is all we had this morning early from the sun. It was actually making an effort and perhaps we will be lucky today and it will appear. Otherwise yesterday was the same as ever, rain all day and even two hailstorms.


I was sitting in the kitchen with my computer and suddenly it sounded like the deluge had arrived outside. We had it all, together with hailstones and sheet rain. One of the results was our drainage at the front entrance which was overflowing with water. Needless to say I was very glad yesterday that I was not going anywhere, although I had to go with No. 1 son to the metal and glass recycling depot after lunch. I should have gone some time ago, but due to circumstances  it was not possible. I have two bags in the garden cupboard where we put the unwanted material and they were both overflowing.

No. 1 son and I got ready and made our way. It is not very far, but unwanted journey. It is very well organised and you have a container for everything. I sit in the car and son takes the bags and empties them into the containers. We are finished within five minutes. Luckily we were the only crazy people performing this action at Saturday lunchtime so  had the two parking spaces to myself. You can drive quite close up which makes it easier to dispose of the unwanted material. We also had a pause in the rain whilst we were in action thank goodness.

I was glad to be back home again and continue my usual after lunch routine of having a midday sleep.


The sparrows also decided to put in an appearance yesterday in front of the window as I was working on my computer which I was quite pleased about. It seemed I was only taking photos of sparrows and tits every day at the beginning of the year and when it was time to stop feeding them, they all disappeared. However now and again a stray bird arrives to see if there is anything on offer.

Otherwise nothing very much exciting.


The neighbour’s cat turned up and was observing our apartment from the outside window hoping to gain entrance and looking if I had anything edible for him. He gave up and went on his way.


I made vol au vent for the evening meal. I bought the ready made pastry cases, and just had to make a suitable filling, which in my case was chopped veal with mushrooms in a white wine cream sauce. It is quickly made, does not need a long time to cook, veal is a quick cooking meat, and everyone was happy.

I actually wanted to upload a book on my Kindle to read, but noticed that my Kindle was almost completely down so had to hang it onto the power.

What an exciting day I had. We all seem to be isolating in our own little corners at the moment. Today is Sunday and probably will not be very much different.

And now to move on to my day full of excitement, like cooking lunch and making order in the apartment. Keep safe everyone, with our without mask. I might wear mine tomorrow for the first time in public at the store. Do we call that shopping incognito?


13 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good Morning 🙂 A grey damp morning here today…but hopefully it will brighten up later. Wow that vol au vent looks amazing..I haven’t had one of those for years. There was a place I used to eat at in the 80’s that served mushroom vol au vents as a starter! I can taste it now. I have some pastry in the fridge, I might well make one for my Sunday lunch.
    Hope you have a good day- thanks for the foodie inspiration.:)
    You might want to wear sunglasses as well as the mask to shop incognito! haha

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    • The sun has now arrived, so perhaps it will not be so rainy. I do not make the pastry myself for the vol au vent, we can buy them ready made to fill. Actually it takes me back to the days when I was a teenager working in the City of London. We would get luncheon vouchers to pay for our meals in restaurants, and vol au vent was often on the menu, although the fillings were somewhat undefined.
      I never wear sunglasses, but it would be a good addition.


  2. Oh those vol au vents are making my moth water. Wonder if hubby could manage those if he could get some pastry. Can’t get the veal but could get mushrooms and maybe ham. Lovely! It is a watery sun here. Nothing to write home about. I expect our day will be as boring as usual. I long to get my wheelchair out and drive it fast, but, being blind, it might not be a good idea. We can’t get masks here. But our government is now talking about hsing a Tracking App on our phones that will alert us to if we are in the vicinity of any Civud cases. Not much yse if someone is asymptomatic though and unaware that they have got it. They are the ones that scare me the most, and I really wonder if this is really very possible. Anyway, will be interested to see how your contry fares now Pat. Have a nice day, vol au vents and all 😊

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    • I must say the vol au vent turned out quite good. Luckily we can get the ready made cases here and I did not have to make them myself. I have not used my wheelchair for some time, just had not wish to go anywhere. I might have to upload it the battery before using it again. My chair as three gears, but I rarely used the top gear and usually make my way with the middle gear. At last we can get our masks, but I have not yet worn mine outside. We can keep good distances from each other in the store. The masks are not for you to keep safe from the virus, but to protect the others in case you might have it. I have also heard about the tracking alert, but our new cases are getting less daily. Today I saw it was only 81, but it could again be more tomorrow. there is no trusting this new virus. The problem is also that the incubation time for Covid is at least a week until you realise you have it.


  3. Good morning your weather is strange like ours. The sun is shining today with temperatures in the high 70s and a possible thunderstorm. Not much is happening, it will be another long day. Be safe!

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  4. Good morning.. so much going on for a rainy day. It was going to be a rainy day here too but oops .. the sun just came out. That’s wonderful. We just made a U-turn … wonderful !!! SLP …

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  5. Good day. That is some interesting weather. At this time of year, the weather starts to get warm, and stays that way until autumn. There will be no rain until autumn. It is normal for us, but boring.

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