FOWC with Fandango: Fortitude

Facebook woman

I finally did it. I gathered my courage in my mouse, keyboard and screen and ventured into the realms of danger. I was fed up with being a slave to the social media world and so I did it. Cancelled my Facebook membership? No, forget it, that would be cyber suicide and I would be spending all day telling everyone about it. If you make a decision in the Facebook world, you must tell everyone, otherwise rumours would circulate.

It was quite painless and an intention I have been planning on for some time. This time I did it. It was one of those sleepless moments  around 2.40 in the early morning hours. I naturally sleep with my iPad and iPhone on the bedside table, you never know.

I am not only who I am in Facebook with my normal name, but I also have a pseudonym and have, or had, a separate page under the name of “Angloswiss”, a name I use even on WordPress. For some unknown reason I had been crossposting my entries on wordPress into Facebook for the past few years as Angloswiss on a separate page, but why? I had made my decision. I did not want to do a cold turkey, so the process was a slow one. For the past two weeks I stopped my cross posting and in the middle of last night I took the last and final plunge and cancelled my AngloSwiss page in Facebook. I am now only me and no-one else. although Facebook tells me I have two weeks to think it over until the final point of no return in reached.  At the same time I changed my profile on Facebook to the new profile that everyone will have eventually. You can have it light or dark. I decided on dark, something completely different.

Sometimes I wonder why such items are so important for a golden oldie with nothing better to do, most probably.

Do not bother to search for me in Facebook. You might find me, but I very rarely, if at all, post anything there. I just make comments to friends I have known over the last years in Facebook and belong to a group of old school girls from my school days which are long gone, but thanks to Facebook we found each other again, at least some of us. I also cancelled my membership to an MS group which was really not interesting and closed my membership of Max the Bear. (Who?) Yes well that it another Facebookish story.

This morning I awoke refreshed and ready to go, with a reduced Facebook membership. Life is good when you reduce the ballast you gather.


FOWC with Fandango: Fortitude

Good Morning


This is all we had this morning early from the sun. It was actually making an effort and perhaps we will be lucky today and it will appear. Otherwise yesterday was the same as ever, rain all day and even two hailstorms.


I was sitting in the kitchen with my computer and suddenly it sounded like the deluge had arrived outside. We had it all, together with hailstones and sheet rain. One of the results was our drainage at the front entrance which was overflowing with water. Needless to say I was very glad yesterday that I was not going anywhere, although I had to go with No. 1 son to the metal and glass recycling depot after lunch. I should have gone some time ago, but due to circumstances  it was not possible. I have two bags in the garden cupboard where we put the unwanted material and they were both overflowing.

No. 1 son and I got ready and made our way. It is not very far, but unwanted journey. It is very well organised and you have a container for everything. I sit in the car and son takes the bags and empties them into the containers. We are finished within five minutes. Luckily we were the only crazy people performing this action at Saturday lunchtime so  had the two parking spaces to myself. You can drive quite close up which makes it easier to dispose of the unwanted material. We also had a pause in the rain whilst we were in action thank goodness.

I was glad to be back home again and continue my usual after lunch routine of having a midday sleep.


The sparrows also decided to put in an appearance yesterday in front of the window as I was working on my computer which I was quite pleased about. It seemed I was only taking photos of sparrows and tits every day at the beginning of the year and when it was time to stop feeding them, they all disappeared. However now and again a stray bird arrives to see if there is anything on offer.

Otherwise nothing very much exciting.


The neighbour’s cat turned up and was observing our apartment from the outside window hoping to gain entrance and looking if I had anything edible for him. He gave up and went on his way.


I made vol au vent for the evening meal. I bought the ready made pastry cases, and just had to make a suitable filling, which in my case was chopped veal with mushrooms in a white wine cream sauce. It is quickly made, does not need a long time to cook, veal is a quick cooking meat, and everyone was happy.

I actually wanted to upload a book on my Kindle to read, but noticed that my Kindle was almost completely down so had to hang it onto the power.

What an exciting day I had. We all seem to be isolating in our own little corners at the moment. Today is Sunday and probably will not be very much different.

And now to move on to my day full of excitement, like cooking lunch and making order in the apartment. Keep safe everyone, with our without mask. I might wear mine tomorrow for the first time in public at the store. Do we call that shopping incognito?