RDP Saturday: Image


New images are something that I do not have so many of lately. I no longer go places, and see things with my camera. I could if I wanted to. We have a lock down, but living in a rural area there are not many people around as in a large town. I just prefer my quiet isolation at the moment, together with Mr. Swiss, sometimes No. 1 son and of course Tabby, the cat.

So as far as new images are concerned. I play around with my telephone camera now and again if something new crops up, and  new is usually what I happen to cook. Today we had a chicken casserole, with a fresh chicken and fresh vegetables.

It does not take long to cook, about an hour in a large pan with the lid on it. Preparation is also no big deal, although I like to skin my chicken before cooking as boiled skin is not so tasty. That is only a plus if you roast the chicken  in the oven.

As a matter of fact, this lock down is getting my culinary creative juices going again and I might even begin to bake now and again: no cakes, too much sugar, but perhaps something savoury to brighten up the evening cold cuts. I will bear this in mind the next time I go shopping and will definitely put flour on the list. I usually only buy 500 gramme packets as I only use flour for my bechamel sauce and you cannot keep it too long in the cupboard.

RDP Saturday: Image

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