FOWC with Fandango: Dough

Anita's Farm in Oberdorf

Living in a country area, we have many farms and it is tradition, or a way of farming life, that you bake your own bread if you are a farmer’s wife. You grow the wheat and you have your own flour. I suppose this is why it happens. I have a colleague, she married a farmer, and now and again I would pay her a visit to see her animals and take a few photos.

I often met her in the kitchen where she was waiting for the dough to rise to bake some bread. This is one of the photos I took.

Anita's Farm in Oberdorf

Of course any genuine bread baking farmer’s wife also has a suitable oven. You do not bake bread for one day, but for a whole week, and the smell was fantastic.

I too have had my bread baking days, but they are now long ago. I even had a bread machine, but it is work. Who knows, with the new normal we now have, realising that not everything as not as it used to be, I might even begin to bake bread again, although……. if you buy enough bread you can always put it in the freezer.

FOWC with Fandango: Dough

RDP Saturday: Image


New images are something that I do not have so many of lately. I no longer go places, and see things with my camera. I could if I wanted to. We have a lock down, but living in a rural area there are not many people around as in a large town. I just prefer my quiet isolation at the moment, together with Mr. Swiss, sometimes No. 1 son and of course Tabby, the cat.

So as far as new images are concerned. I play around with my telephone camera now and again if something new crops up, and  new is usually what I happen to cook. Today we had a chicken casserole, with a fresh chicken and fresh vegetables.

It does not take long to cook, about an hour in a large pan with the lid on it. Preparation is also no big deal, although I like to skin my chicken before cooking as boiled skin is not so tasty. That is only a plus if you roast the chicken  in the oven.

As a matter of fact, this lock down is getting my culinary creative juices going again and I might even begin to bake now and again: no cakes, too much sugar, but perhaps something savoury to brighten up the evening cold cuts. I will bear this in mind the next time I go shopping and will definitely put flour on the list. I usually only buy 500 gramme packets as I only use flour for my bechamel sauce and you cannot keep it too long in the cupboard.

RDP Saturday: Image

Good Morning


I was feeling sorry for the farmers. Last week they were longing for rain. almost complete April there was no rain until the last week. It began to rain, hesitating at first, and now we have rain every day for a week and everything is wet, wet, wet. I no longer feel sorry for the farmers, they have their rain, I just feel sorry for my garden which would soon be better used as a paddy field for growing rice, although perhaps I am exaggerating a little. This weather is now getting a little depressing, but at least I am now home bound until Monday, thanks for my unexpected sudden Mayday holiday.

Actually today I will have to make an excursion to the glass and metal depot in the village. Even my No. 1 son old me yesterday that the two bags were bursting full. I always take him with me. I sit in the parked car at the entrance and he puts the contents of the bags into the containers. He is very quick and usually within five minutes we are finished.  Today is Saturday so it will be allowed. Only on high days and holidays, always Sunday, it is not allowed because of the noise it will make and the coming and going of the cars, although I am usually on my own. I always go after lunch and there are few others there.


Yet another bud opened on my orchid yesterday, the flower at the bottom and I noticed, on the right another growing bud. This is the first time that my orchids have flowered again. It seems the best method is to forget them and they will remind you themselves that they still have their surprises.

Further in context to one of my morning blogs this week, I decided to have a go with audio books, but have now realised that it could be not something I would treasure. The audio books are too expensive to buy and I was thinking something on the lines of Amazon. There is a company that works with Amazon and I would have to take out a subscription of €10 a month, which is not too much. I get the first month free and when it is working, one book a month and infinite podcasts, which are not really my thing. After thinking it over I have decided not to do it. Mr. Swiss told me he was once thinking on the same lines, but also decided against it. We are both happy reading on our Kindles although it would be enticing to hear the book you choose.

At the moment I am spending my household money on food for my freezer(s) and otherwise and domestic goods. I can be glad that I still have the opportunity to choose and buy what I need and that the store has enough to sell. Our national government seems to have things under control and we are all being cautious. We also have a couple of “heroes” that are having to bear the burden of talking to the population and organising.  We have all heard of Mr. Trump (who does next to nothing it seems) and Boris Johnson (who keeps telling everyone how successful is), but do you know Alain Berset? Of course not, he was our President for the year 2018 (we have a new one elected from our 7 Ministers every year) and is the Minister for Home Affairs. He is the guy that speaks to us telling what has been decided as further action in the Covid matters. His mother tongue would be French but he speaks enough perfect German for us all to understand.

The actual department for handling the virus problem is the BAG, the Bundesamt für Gesundheit (Health Department) and the guy who is responsible is Daniel Koch. I had never heard of him until this virus arrived and now he has become a national figure for us Swiss. Mr. Swiss told me this morning, that he has now even been invited to partake in the annual Minister holiday, where they all go together on a day’s excursion to the part of Switzerland where the president comes from. He looks into the details of the illness with his team. Actually he was preparing for his retirement when the virus arrived, but under the circumstances he has remained to see it through. Another national Swiss hero has arrived.

Being a small country, everyone more or less knows everyone and people listen to what these competent ministers say. Of course no-one is perfect, but if you all pull together it can work and I am proud to say that this is the case at the moment. As said, nothing is perfect, and there are always those with other opinions, but I think I can trust these people to do the best possible. At least they are making a sensible effort.

Everyone talks about the countries and their statesmen in Europe, in the major countries of the world, but no-one talks about little Switzerland, unless they tell us how wonderful their holidays were here, so I thought I would put in a few words. I am no expert, but live here and got to know the system for the past 53 years.


And now to get on with my daily chores. Have a good day everyone. May our obstacles in these difficult days be overcome.