Good Morning


There is a cold wind blowing, but the sun is making an effort to appear. It is still wet outside, but no rain – up to now. Not exactly an ideal beginning for the month of May. At least the clouds arrived and formed a nice pattern, even with some patches of blue in between. I now have three days of isolation in front of me. We used to say “stay at home” but now we isolate – modern times. We used to work at home, but now we have a home office. Again a sign of the Covid days. It seems that a new language is developing. I was a working lady before my golden oldie days, and that was no about 10 years ago, but I never had the opportunity to have a home office. Every morning I would drop my son off at work and continue to the office and do my daily hours, with a lunch break incorporating a visit to the local supermarket and its restaurant for a bite to eat. Home office would have been a profanity most probably.

Now I live in my own home office, but the office work  is mostly manual with a little bit of blogging and reading in between. I even no longer read so much, and since completing my last book a couple of weeks ago I have not bothered to upload anything new on my Kindle. I really should read more. I used to follow the best selling book lists, which is also something I no longer do so much. All I seem to follow at the moment are the Covid 19 statistics to see how they are developing.

I was watching the British BBC TV yesterday evening as always and Boris Johnson is now back with the Downing Street briefing of the latest details after his covid illness and as a dessert becoming father to a boy. He was telling the Brits that the peak as now been overcome in the statistics and things are improving, although he did add that they are long from relaxing the restrictions. Our peak in Switzerland was reached in the middle of April as far as I can see from the statistics, but a country with a population of 8,000,000 is not the same as a country like GB where the town of London has almost nine million inhabitants. I was in the chemist shop in the store yesterday and all the assistants were wearing masks. It seems that most of our stores have now received masks. We do not have to wear them, but it is recommended for the others. It offers no protection for yourself.


Of course I have a packet of 20 pieces, but have not yet worn it when out in the public. I notice that more people are now wearing masks and perhaps I might chance it on my next visit. I should really have to get used to it. I remember seeing masks worn by the Asians, especially China, many years before we had a pandemic. They would wear them if they had a “normal” cough or cold. We would watch the news films with interest to see how other countries have other customs, but today it no longer seems so strange. The assistant at the chemist, who I know quite well, said they also have a more expensive version, but as I am not a medical person, I think I would rather pay my one franc the piece instead of ten – mask is mask. – and you have to dispose of them after wearing them for a day.


Taking my usual quick walk this morning in the yard I noticed that my mega sized hostas are now growing. It only seems yesterday when I removed the leaves from last years crop in early Winter.

And now for a day of isolation. I did my shopping yesterday afternoon covering all I need until Monday afternoon as the stores are now closed for May Day. It used to be only a half day holiday in the afternoon, but now it has become a complete day, except for the stores. They are still open in the morning. I again had a day of planning yesterday getting food to last until Monday, but it is becoming routine. When I arrived in the store yesterday afternoon I saw that the crowds had invaded in the morning, although there was still plenty to buy. You notice that  a few items have been sold out. I managed to get everything I needed with the exception of celeriac. I like to add a piece of celery to my cooked meat dishes for the flavour and also as a veg. I was surprised yesterday as it is not really something that is important, like a  toilet roll or a tin of tomatoes, but it seems the housewives had suddenly developed  taste for it. As an alternative I bought a Pasternak, which although has more a nutty taste, will also cook well with my chicken casserole tomorrow.


As I was finishing the day yesterday evening by closing the blinds, I noticed the beginnings of an interesting sunset. the sun was shining at an angle on the clouds making quite a colourful evening background.

And now I am off for the daily tasks, so keep safe from the you know what.

17 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I have started listening to stories in Audibles. It is a wonderful experience. My son has an account. I listened to Pied Piper by Nevil Shute. I have read the book but it was nice listening to the story. I have started Sherlock Holmes. I read them all long back. I read books too. Good to know about your day and the photos give an idea of your place. Thank You. Take care.

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    • I have never listened to an audible, but might just try it once. I have heard a lot of posirive opinions.i mustvsee where I can sign up. The weather is not so good for the beginning of May, so it can only get better.

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  2. that is one beautiful sky!! as far as the masks..i often ask myself if humans are around 1,000 years from now if they will one day dig down and reach a layer of medical waste and wonder what much of it going into the oceans during all of this….we are required to wear them here so most of us have acquired several cloth ones ( except in medical situations)..basically because we have no clue how long this will last…i am so glad your country is recovering well..always brightens my day hearing this form around the world!

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  3. Don’t be fooled by Boris saying the worst is over in Britain. Here in Wales, the Welsh Government advisors are saying North Wales (where I am) has yet to reach its peak and say that should be in two weeks time. The virus has been tracking North and West from London and the southern counties. If Boris relaxes lockdown for England, everyone will travel here to our rural areas and mountains just as we are reaching our own pandemic peak. We are still preparing our extra field hospitals in readiness.

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    • Boris is a politician like the rest of them, and always like to bathe in success and twist the results to please themselves ane their party.. There is a lot I would like to say, but I see it now all from a distance. I grew up in London, and it is not my place to criticise. as an ex pat, but I see the truth in what you are saying.
      We really do have a reduction of cases in Switzerland, but it is with care to enjoy and our government are still taking it one step at a time and slowly, I am glad to say.

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      • I think history will show the wisdom of how the Swiss and other countries handled this pandemic compared with ourselves. Some people are already calling for a Public Inquiry – they won’t get it though.

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        • And if I may see, something that has been burning on my mind, is the NHS. I grew up with free medicine, free medical care and my working class family were overly grateful for it. Now it seems to have been neglected over the past years. The nurses, doctors and staff do their best under the circumstances and I absolutely give them no fault on the present situation. But have they had the necessary backing and financial support from the government of the past years: waiting 2 hours longer than your appointment says at the hospital and only seeing a specialist or having an operation after waiting for a a few months, if not years. Suddenly it has been realised that the medical staff do not even have the suitable protective clothing for this disease, not to mention the conditions in the care homes. Sorry I could go on for a long while over these government incurred mistakes, Tory or Labour makes no difference. Everyone was saving at the expense of the others.

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          • I agree, Pat. Systematic neglect and trying to sell the NHS to the highest bidder. Even Trump has said the NHS must be part of any trade deals. But it’s OUR NHS, not the government’s to sell. They disregard the reason why it was set up in the first place. As you say, you were grateful for the care and at no cost. So am I. People must not lose sight of that when this madness is over.


  4. Good morning a lot has happened yesterday, Idaho is moving to slowly reopen. I left the apartment and went shopping. We had a visitor for the first time and the last was a severe thunderstorm and our area was near the center of the storm. I am happy that your adopted country is handling this better as Trump’s government pouring money to restart the economy. Enjoy your garden it helps in the mess that is occurring now. Stay safe!

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    • I think it is still too early to re-open completely. Here they are doing it one step at a time and cases are quite reduced now. We still do not mix with the others and keep a distance. The economy is a problem, for all countries, but you have to get your priorities right. It is still raining and quite cold, but can only get better.

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  5. Good morning. There seems to be quite a bit of good news around the World today. I suspect that it will get here last, both because it started later here, and also because people here are not behaving like they should. I will be without much of my work for a while longer afterward, but that was expected anyway. It will all work out. One of my editors asked me to write an article about the sudden popularity of home gardening. I should get started on that.


  6. Somehow I missed checking with you this morning. Here it is almost 4 pm, so it must about 9 pm your time. It was rainy and cold this morning but as they predicted around 10 am the clouds lifted and it became a brilliant sunny day, although with the breeze it failed to warm and so was a crisp afternoon when I finally went for my walk, I am glad i still wore my sweater. The weekend will be nice, it is absolutely necessary finally to get the lawn mower out and cut the grass. But then next week it is going to go down into the 40’s and 50;s again. I am really ready for it to finally warm up. Hope you had a good day and I will try harder to not forget tomorrow morning when I first get up to check in. SLP …

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    • It was a cold rainy day today, absolutely not Mayday weather and I was glad to be at home. Itbreally is not Spring weather at the moment. Tomorrow will be another day at home, but I will have to make a very short trip into the village to dispose of some glass and metal into the containers


  7. We are required to wear masks … except we don’t have any. I did order some weeks ago, but they have yet to arrive. We’ve finally got to get to doctors for tests and checkups that have been long delayed, so we’ll see.

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    • We can now buy masks in the stores, but it is voluntary to wear them. They are for protecting the others and not yourself. Testing is not a big issue here and the cases are diminishing, although we must still be careful.


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