FOWC with Fandango: Indundated

Trafalgar Square, London Aged 9-10
There is a place in the middle of London known as Trafalgar Square. In the middle is a statue on a column of Lord Nelson, surrounded by four life sized stone lions at the corners. Trafalgar Square also has another significance, at least it did when I was a kid.

This is a photo of me, about 8 years old, feeding the pigeons in Trafalgar Square. Note how smartly dressed I was. My Aunt Lil was a seamstress by profession and she made the costume I am wearing. I remember it was a nice pink colour with white trimmings. You can see people in the background, all dressed in the style of the fifties.

The pigeons had made their home in Trafalgar Square and there were many places where you could buy food to feed them. The ground had white stains everywhere from their recycling process. That was the main attraction. When mum suggested an afternoon out to feed the pigeons I was ready to go. I remember catching the No. 8 bus from Bethnal Green where we lived in East London and we were there within half an hour. I was armed with my bag of pigeon food and it did not take long until I was inundated with pigeons everywhere. I even remember this particular day when this pigeon decided to settle where the food was and he really did not want to leave.

Thanks mum that you took the photo with your Brownie box camera on that day. Memories of the past – and I still have the camera amongst my souvenirs of the days gone by.

Brownie box camera

FOWC with Fandango: Indundated

16 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Indundated

        • Wonderful memories of London. I worked in the City in various places, working for a year as a temp and I loved it. It was good money and interesting to work in a new place every week. One of my best jobs was for a month in a tower block next to the Mansion House. They were chartered accountants. We were served (and really served) with coffee and sandwiches in the morning break and tea (from a pot) and biscuits in the afternoon. I have some treat memories of London Town in the sixties.

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          • I worked in the City for a bit too, next door to Cannon St stn. Also did a stint at St Pauls’ which was nice. It took me a long while to get used to St James’s, but I was there 10 years in the end. I did a little stint in Chelsea too but got out asap, it was too far out.

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    • Surprisingly not so much. I went on a search in internet and there are still quite a few in existence it seems not such a rarity. There is a TV programme on the British TV called The Repair Shop, where people can bring their old treasures. If the programme would run in Switzerland where I now live since 53 years I would think about writing to them. i would love it to work again.

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  1. I remember being taken to Trafalgar Square as a child to feed the pigeons too and they were still there when I went back with David in 1990. I know they were dirty but I’m a bit sad they are gone.
    David used to collect cameras so as well as my mum’s Agfa box camera and his parents Kodak box camera I still have several others. Of course these days it would be hard, but not impossible to get the film. Mum’s took 120 but I think the Kodak took something else. Then you would have to get the film processed. It is nice when they work though. David always liked to shoot a roll of film with any “new” old camera he acquired if it worked.

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    • Mum would get the film processed at the chemists. Our family only really took photos on holidays, black and white of course.. i remember we would have to shade the viewfinder with our hand to get a clear reflection of what we were taking

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      • That’s what mum did too. It was only later when I was a teenager and taking lots of pictures on train trips that I started using a lot of film but by that time I had an instamatic camera that took 126 cartridges. Mum did teach me how to load a film though.

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