Good Morning


Really nothing special this morning. It began to rain again some time in the night and this morning everything is wet, wet, wet. Not even a cloud to see in the sky, just plain grey and it is cold. Where has the Spring gone? Although perhaps I was being too optimistic. We are never satisfied. After an April with almost perfect weather, May has decided to begin very wet and I just realised that tomorrow the stores will be closed because it is 1st May, another long week-end to shop for. I really forgot this and now have to make a plan for food buying. This has only just hit me, so I will really have to get into action today. I was really not prepared for this.


At least the meadow opposite is full of flowers.

Today is also a day of fresh linen on the beds, a further burden to carry, although I have already finished my duvet and cushion and stripped the beds. I was actually planning to deposit my glass and metal garbage at the central recycling place this afternoon, but that is now cancelled due to my unexpected shopping trip this afternoon. The only advantage is that I can forget the stores until Monday afternoon afterwards and just sit in isolation at home.

They are now talking about opening Switzerland again and finishing the lockdown. I have mixed feelings. Everything is looking good now and coronus cases are getting fewer by the day. I have been spared, and my family, up to now and I hope it stays that way.


And now I must really go. I have really been taken by surprise by this unwanted one day holiday tomorrow, Friday of all days, and I must reassess my programming. If it was just me and Mr. Swiss it would not be so bad, but I have my son to feed as well. Oh, how I hate these holidays. All the shops will be closed, Switzerland makes no exceptions for anyone.


So cutting off abruptly all I can leave you with is a message for a good day and keep safe.


17 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. You keep safe too Pat. Glad you have escaped the virus so far. I think I would feel in two minds about the countrynending its lockdown too. And, I know what you mean about those holiday days. See you soon.


  2. OH my goodness !!! So many things in the garden !!! Hurry to the store for the long weekend. Hope you do find time to be able to enjoy the garden though … it looks so delightful .. looks like a good place to relax and seek inner peace … SLP …

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    • Seen it and done it, although there must have been quite a surge in the morning as some food articles had been plundered. At the moment I have a soggy weg garden,so no wiriting blogs on the patio table.


  3. Here in Florida, we start a gradual reopening tomorrow, May 1. Not sure how that is going to work as restaurants and retail stores are told to only allow 25% customer in at one time. How are they going to figure our that? I will not be a part of the 25%. I hope people remember to still stay safe. Dr Fauci says he expects another resurgence in the fall…

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    • There is talk about a second wave, which could happen, but I have the feeling no-one really knows. This virus is so new, no-one knows anything iit will react. There is no talk about our restaurants opening at the moment, but as the days go past our country seems to have recovered to a certain extent and it will probably not be in the distant future. I am also not waiting for the restaurants to open, It is more comfortable at home. Let us hope that Mr. Trump listens to Dr. Fauci (who has Swiss ancestrors it seems).


  4. It looks so charming and lovely with flowers and sunlight. Would you be surprised to hear that it’s (wait for it) raining here and COLD? I’m actually getting a grow light because the lack of sun is finally getting to my greenery. And there’s a food shortage on the way. We are all going to become vegetarians because there will be no meat. Interesting. Finally, we get famine to follow our plague.

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    • We have had miserable weather lately and colder. Now we have our rain but not very happy about it. Good supplies have never been a problem here, but with these in between holidays people are buying a little more and certain things disappear quickly. Yesterday there was no Sellerie left in the store. I hope your food problems soon get sorted


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