FOWC with Fandango: Experiment


Vegetarians look in the other direction, otherwise this is one of my newest experiments: although not quite. When this coronus show began we all got nervous, expecting to be victims and having to think over our life style. No. 2 son was on the phone enquiring how the old folks were keeping. I could reassure him that we were the same as ever, although with lock down you have to adapt.

I was glad that him and his family were also keeping well. Although Switzerland is a small country, he does live a few hundred kilometres away from  us and visits had to be stopped, we had to avoid contact. However, in the conversation he asked if we had an emergency stock of food. It is actually instructed by the Swiss government that everyone should have food on hand in case of an emergency, but no-one has really bothered so much, perhaps just the older generation that had lived through wartime, although there are not very many left.

I got thinking about it and it was true. we have been living from shopping day to shopping day. Our conversation got to a point where son No. 2 said he was now looking for a good freezer and I decided that I would have a look as well. I am partially invalid with my MS and Mr. Swiss also needs support when walking. He actually now stays at home most of the time, and I have to take him places like the doc or dentist in the car. Being 80 years old is not always fun. I decided we really need food supplies at home in case we become more home bound, or the corona virus, or any emergency situation could mean that food supplies were not secure. Actually this would have been the least of our problems and there was really no need to begin panic buying. I remember the first days of corona when the grocery stores had empty shelves in the afternoon and no more toilet paper.

So now I am organised. I  began with buying two of a kind. If I have a pot of jam in the apartment, I have a second in the cellar etc. etc. Not everything, but most is double. An extra bottle of cooking oil, tins of tomatoes, other conserves and of course – an extra pack of toilet paper. Now I also have my freezer chest and even cooked a double amount of spaghetti sauce, half being deep frozen. Gradually I have a bit of everything and it is a good feeling to know we have enough.

The photo is of next Monday’s lunch as the shops will be closed from tomorrow until then. They are three pork neck slices which I like to cook slowly in a sauce and I asked the butcher to seal them in a vacuum pack so that I could freeze them until I need them. Together with some pasta and peas and carrots (frozen of course, although I had the carrots fresh), all part of my new food experiments. I also have a vacuuming machine if I freeze and meat myself. They are quite reasonable to buy and easy to use.

I am now planning on freezing some spiced meat balls for a quick meal one day, an idea I got from my daughter-in-law. You are never to old to learn and it is quite fun. Something to plan and do in the days of isolation. Mr. Swiss can cook to still his hunger, but he is not a five star cook and if I would not be able to cook or go shopping he would certainly no longer starve.

I decided I can even learn from my son. In the meanwhile he has also installed his king sized freezer, so I am following his advice.

FOWC with Fandango: Experiment

10 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Experiment

  1. I am a vegetarian and have been for a very long time so I just scrolled past your photo. Very quickly. 🙂 As long as you have the foods you enjoy and need, that is perfect. I am stocked up on pasta, canned beans and tomatoes. And my jars of Nutella. I need my sweets fix every now and then!

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    • We were always under the impression that it goes without saying that we continue as ever, and a microscopic little germ has turned everything on its head. My son gave me some good advice and it was really not so difficult. Obviously I had to invest a little money, but it was well worth it.

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  2. I have had one of my German friends who is a midwife said that some of the viruses come as a result of our habits of eating the flesh of any kind of animal. Anyways, i still go by my nature of not rejecting any kind of normal food with normal meat.

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  3. Whether omnivorous or vegetarian having spares of frequently used pantry items and making use of a freezer is a good plan. Now you don’t have to worry if you are unwell and can’t go to the shops because there will always be something at home to cook or some pre-cooked meal that Mr Swiss or your No. 1 son can defrost and reheat. It’s peace of mind for you. It is also quite handy when certain items are on special. You can buy a larger portion and freeze half for later. I usually have a loaf of bread in the freezer in case I run out, a habit from when I lived 2km away from the nearest shop. I can do without a lot of things but not my breakfast toast.

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    • I have always had bread in the freezer. I am lucky that our local supermarket bake the bread on the premises and I often buy a loaf that is still hot from the oven, and the fresher you freeze it, the better the quality to keep. I have four small breads frozen which is ideal. You always have bread ready. I just have to remember to take it in time out of the freezer, although I can always do a quick thaw in the microwave.
      One of the main reasons that I am now freezing my own cooked ready meals is to at least have something at home for the family if I am not able to cook, although I still make sure that I use my precooked produce now and again and replace it with fresher ccooked dishes.

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