RDP Wednesday: Dance

Break Dance 24.08 (61)

Is this dancing? I think it is called break dancing and last year I stumbled upon this group of youngsters demonstrating their qualities outside the apprentices school in the local town.

Break Dance 24.08 (15)

It was quite impressive and very acrobatic.

Street Dancers Zorbas the Greek 02.02 (6)

Now these two were attempting a Zorba the Greek dance in town.

I used to dance in my younger days, twist was my speciality, but today’s younger generations have probably never heard of it. Mr. Swiss and I never danced very much together. I had a small problem. I went to an all girls grammar school in England and when we had our dance lessons, being one of the tallest in the class, I always had to be the man. This meant I only learned to lead in a dance and not to follow: one of the reasons why it never worked when Mr. Swiss and I would dance together.

RDP Wednesday: Dance

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