Good Morning


There was a time when I was longing for some rain, the eternal sun in the morning was no longer so special, and nature needed the precious liquid. I was dousing the plants every day with the hose to keep them going. Now we have or rain for almost three days and nights- I suppose I should be now satisfied, but you can get a little too much of a good thing.


There are puddles on the stones in the garden and I have the feeling that the slugs will soon be appearing again. It is strange how they disappear and suddenly you can almost hear them munching  on the plants. I no longer have any snail pellets to kill them and will have to venture in the newly opened gardening department in the store to  buy some. There are many methods of extermination. One is a glass of beer where the slugs happily commit death by drowning in the beer. What a happy way go to, but I do not have any beer. I could also give then a sprinkling of salt, but even I have my principles and do not like seeing slugs melt under the layer of salt in a chemical reaction with their body, so I am left with the slug pellets as a method of extermination.

Otherwise it will be a normal safari to the store. I now have a mask to wear, we can buy them in the store in a packet of 20 pieces at a price of 19.50 Swiss francs and are assured that the store makes no profit on them and they are a self cost price. I see a few people wearing one now and again, but am still not sure if I will as well. We have now a really reduced amount of infected Covid cases in our area, only 2 new cases reported yesterday. We can even now go to the hairdresser, but they also have their rules and are now adding money to the bill to cover the costs of the masks and disinfecting material they need – about 2-5 Swiss Francs per visit. I am glad I do not have to go to the hairdresser and it seems they are earning money on their new rules and regulations. It looks like things are slowly returning to normal in our country, and it is again a question of profit and money. I spoke to my son on the phone a few days ago and he reckons with back to the daily work in the office in June, all going well. Home office will then be a thing of the past perhaps.


It seems that the Covid cases are really reducing in Switzerland now. Yesterday they reported that it was noticeable that there was more traffic in the area around Zürich. Yes people cannot wait to get back to the old routine. I really wonder if we have learned something from the problem.

And now to depart to the daily stress, although we golden oldies have no stress it seems, it is all self made. My last photo is my Japanese Maple in the garden which really seems to be expanding. It was always a smaller compact bush, but it developing into a real tree.



13 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. We also had a bit rain here a couple of days ago. It rained from morning till evening. The garden looks so beautiful. I find it a place one can sit just to swipe away all worries.

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  2. Good morning, your garden is doing great, it like the rain. Slugs can be a problem, good on eliminating them. Friday Idaho will start on up. It won’t make much difference for me. I have a mask to wear as that will be a requirement and social distanceis is also. Have a good day and stay safe.

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    • The slugs have not yet arrived, and it has now stopped raining. I have a mask, actually a packet of 20 pieces, but I have not yet worn it in public. We do not have to and if you keep your social distance it is not required here. It is more for the others than youself. Have just returned from shopping and glad to have it behind me until Friday.

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  3. Good day.
    Rain in other climates is interesting. I hear others who enjoy gardening mention their annoyance when it has not rained in weeks, or even an entire month. That is actually normal here. If we get no rain until October, that would be just fine. We sometimes get a few light rain showers as late as May or as early as September, and on rare occasion, a single thunderstorm in the middle of summer. Otherwise, it is normal to do without rain for half of the year.

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    • We rely on the rain in Europe, especially the farmers for their crops, but California vegetation is completely different to ours. You have fields of citrus and our orchards are apples and apricots or peaches which grow in the south of Switzerland. We also have vegitation which much withstand minus temperatures

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      • The orchards here used to be the stone fruits (apricots, prunes, cherries and such). Citrus is farther south and east. Those that need water through summer are irrigated. California really could not be as majorly productive as it is without irrigation. It works, but has major environmental consequences too. No one thought of that back when all the aqueducts were constructed.

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