RDP Tuesday: Coyote

Dog 22.02 (3)

Coyote? The only coyote you might find in Switzerland would be in a zoo and even then I am not sure if we actually have a coyote in a zoo. I once saw this hound in town, standing on the steps to our cathedral. He has the looks of a coyote, perhaps not the yellow colouring of a coyote and I am sure it has a normal bark. There would be nothing howling about this dog, but it is the best I can do.

Dog 22.02 (2)

On a closer view it could be a coyote: at least its ears look big enough and it has that sly look in its eyes.

RDP Tuesday: Coyote

6 thoughts on “RDP Tuesday: Coyote

  1. It looks like Anubis. It got may attention. Coyotes are enjoying the lack of human activity. They are roaming about in such strange places as San Francisco. San Francisco is not exactly an easy place for coyotes to get to. Those around here are howling much more in the evenings.

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