Good Morning


Not a very promising start to the day, but it can only get better. It is also raining, but no big deal and after more than a month with no rain, we are all glad that nature now has a chance to catch up, although the Covid 19 has also unwillingly given nature a chance to recover with less traffic burdening exhaust fumes and factories polluting the atomsphere. Perhaps it is psychological, but the air really seems to be clearer and smells better.  I wonder if we have learned something when this invasion of the invisible third party is over – somehow I do not think so. Yesterday was our first day after more than a month that coiffure saloons were again open. They are already completely booked for a month if not more. I did not see such a march on our gardening centers, but it was there. I saw one guy walking through the store holding a potted plant, his trophy of the day probably.  As long as we can eat and buy food without problems I am happy. I am probably one of the rare cases that has a minimum of problems with the lock down. Less people shopping, no stress, and plenty to buy now that the initial panic of famine fear is over. People can be so annoying sometimes.

Yesterday I did my usual tour of the store and found everything I needed. I also had a detour to the pharmacy afterwards and everything went well, even although only four people are allowed into the store at a time. It is a smaller store. Perhaps the assistants are also prefer the stress reduction.

I thought there might be more traffic on the road yesterday but this was not the case. There is just one street where the road surface is being repaired and only one way traffic is allowed on one small stretch. However, it is organised by the repair workers and everything is running smoothly. I had to juggle with part of the road where I have to drive on the pavement, but they had made a quick provisional slope with a provisional tarred surface, so no problem.


I took a look at my raised beds this morning and they are growing nicely. Here I have my moss roses with some coreopsis in the middle and gaura showing at the back. It is a little early for too many flowers, but it is reassuring to know they are again on their way.


This is my herb raised bed, although I have sedum in between as a ground cover. On the right I have my chive patch, next to it thyme and at the back sticking up my savoury which I mainly cook with green beans, a sort of Swiss thing. There is also some origano on the far right at the front, but it is still a small patch as I only planted it a couple of weeks ago.

The raised beds are very pratcial, especially as I can no longer bend so well and often need to cut some herbs for cooking.


On the outside edge of the garden plot we have our wild meadow with a few bushes in between.  Even in the rain they are showing their colours and variety.

Today is a day of isolation so it will be a general clean up and perhaps I might even attack a few windows, although they are clean: it will be just a brush up. As I now have a mask to wear when meeting the crowds, I could perhaps have a practice run at home to see if I can manage with it.

I have also reduced my action in Facebook to a minimum. I always crossposted my entries in Word Press, but no longer bother. Facebook no longer interests me, reminds me of the corner shop at home, where everyone likes to have a chat about their private lives. Perhaps WordPress is similar, but has a good feeling. I am still in Facebook for use of their messenger, and also my ex school site, although rarely have anything to say.  I got news yesterday from from my online supplier that the new keyboard for my Mac is already on its way, so it might even arrive today. Our post parcel service in Switerland is quite strained at the moment as everyone orders online in the days of isolation. Our house entrance is always full of various parcels in the morning ordered by various neighbours. How times change.

Have fun if possible, stay safe and well and enjoy your isolation and lockdown – it is something completely different – we hope.

14 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Such wonderful pictures. So much hope comes with the beginning of spring. We will all relax and enjoy it, and look at your wonderful pictures from Switzerland. Have a great day … SLP …

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  2. You are doing fine … there’s a pandemic going on … don’t push it. My mother is in a nursing home here in the interior of the US … she will be 101 in two weeks … what could possibly go wrong? SLP ….

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  3. Your gardens are looking great. Our stay-at-home here in Florida is due to expire April 30 and our governor has not made plans to open up anything just yet. We will see. Our beaches might open for a few hours each day, but he is very cautious as our count for new cases of COVID continues to rise. I’m like you–as long as I can shop for food, I am fine. And yes, nature does look so much better and cleaner. But today I do need to pick up some cat food. Cannot have the little ones hungry!

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    • Today we only had about 100 new cases in Switzerland of the virus, so it really looks like it is getting better, although we still have to be careful. Restaurants are not yet allowed to open. It is really only the food stores, hairdressers and do-it yourself places, as well as gardening stores. I have always ordered Tabby’s food online as it is too much to carry otherwise.

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  4. Good morning the sun is shining this morning, yesterday it rained most of the morning. Your garden is growing so well, I enjoy your pictures. Have a fantastic day with lots of fun things. Stay safe!

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  5. It must be nice for those who can get their hair cut. I do not miss what I thought I would miss as much as I thought I would, but there are so many minor things that I am missing now instead.

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