RDP Monday: Quarter


I think I look great, even if a third of my face is covered, they do not do quarter masks. At last Switzerland has masks.


Not just any old masks, no. We have disposable Medical Face masks with all the mod cons. They fit perfectly with elastic at the side. They are naturally the official masks and are being sold in our supermarkets at self cost, although not exactly cheap. I paid 19.50 Swiss Francs for a pack of 20 pieces and we are only allowed to buy one pack at a time: no panic buying here, the Swiss have everything under control

When I arrived home the first thing I did was to try my new fashionable mask for a photo. I found them a little too much with the glasses as well, but I have to wear my glasses otherwise I cannot see so well. I decided that wearing it in the car would not be so practical, and I will make my public debut the next time I go to the supermarket. I think their pale blue colour really suits my golden oldie grey hair. At last Switzerland has masks.

I also visited the chemists this afternoon to pick up medication for Mr. Swiss.Β  They had a notice to say that they are not yet selling masks, almost apologetic. I will keep an eye on the situation. Perhaps they might have even more decorative masks in a different colour later. Mr. Swiss decided he needs no mask as he never goes anywhere and we are only wearing them to keep our germs to ourselves and not spread them to the others.

RDP Monday: Quarter

9 thoughts on “RDP Monday: Quarter

  1. We have a few stores that mandate masks, but even in those that don’t, people are wearing them. I cannot find any so my husband and I are using bandanas. When we walk in with our masks on, I think we must look like we just arrived from the wild, wild West. Now all I need is spurs… πŸ˜€

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