Good Morning


A bit of a boring sky this morning, no sun and almost no clouds, but it is the morning after the rainy day and night. The long awaited rain arrived, but not so much as needed. My garden is doing OK, but I can put the hose over it once a day. In the local areas they  badly need the rain for the crops to grow in the area.
Wheat 05.07 (1)

We are surrounded by farmlands with crops such as wheat, rye and corn, but they all need rain to grow. I hear the agricultural machines from where I live, but due to isolation I have not made any excursions to see what is growing in the fields.


In our village there are quite a few bushes developing and it is looking quite good.

This morning I am writing on my Acer Aspire Nitro computer, the black edition, which I have as my second computer as my Mac has lost a letter.  I have had the Acer for many years and it still functions well. I like to use it for uploading my photos and keep them on this computer in their files, as well as an extra hard disk. I am careful with storing photos, they can easily get lost. It seems that although Apple computers are excellent to use they also have their quirks. Mine is still functioning well, it is a Macbook, but one of the letters (r) is no longer functioning.

I read on Internet complaints that this is something that happens with old age with the Mac, that the keys can get weak. At the moment it is almost impossible to send a computer for repair, as our post is somewhat overcharged due to coronus problems. Everyone is ordering  by post due to the lockdown. I decided to treat myself to a new keyboard and ordered it yesterday. In the meanwhile I have decided to use my Windows machine as I was getting rather annoyed with the missing letter “r”. I almost had to use a hammer to make it print.
Store entrance coronus

This afternoon I am again on my shopping tour. This time it will not be so empty. The hairdressers on the left have been freed from their lockdown and also the gardening shop on the left just out of the picture. The government have decreed that certain shops may again be opened. although I will be avoiding them today. I expect everyone will be crowding into them. I read an article in the local newspaper this morning that the hairdressers are totally booked out for the next month at least. It seems that only half the customers are allowed inside, everyone has to wear a mask and all the instruments must be disinfected after used. I am glad to say I can live with my hair for at least a month longer, if not more. We humans have been so spoilt  with our way of life, and now is the time to rethink. Jobs that were looked upon as not so important have now got a new, and deserved, status. It was this part of the working population that we depended on for our daily needs during the emergency.


This is the path opposite my front garden leading to the village and outside world. It is not a long journey, but it is at least a month since I took it. My wheelchair has also not been used for a month. Perhaps I will have to recharge the battery again before using it.

And now to move on with daily chores, unfortunately at home there is no lockdown. May your day be without problems. I leave you with my morning visitor.


15 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good Morning to you. I’m with you on the hairdressing- I had already cut down( no pun intended) on visits as totted up how much I spend per annum on hair and nail etc..not to mention clothes….just shows what we can live without. Your amazing view from your home is free to see every day and all we really need is sustenance and love to survive- all the rest is an added plus. Have a good safe day. Great shots btw. Hope the sun shines later on.

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    • The sun arrived eventually and it became a pleasant day. My hairdresser visits were always just to keep it short and manageable, so I did not have any problems. I never bought the latest fads in clothes, just buy what I need and I managed OK up to now in the lockdown. I am glad to have my surrounding countryside

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  2. Good Morning.
    There is a contrail in that second picture. We do not see many of those nowadays.
    You know, ‘Acer’ is the Latin name of maple. I do not know how it got that name. Nor do I know where ‘Apple’ and ‘MacIntosh’ (which happens to be a cultivar of apple) got their names, or if it is just coincidence that they are from the Santa Clara Valley, where there used to be so many orchards. As vast as the orchards were, there were not many orchards for apples. ‘Bing’ was the main cultivar of cherry that used to grow in Sunnyvale.

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    • As I don’t go far at the moment, only to the store, I just shoot a few photos in the surroundings an now realise our various bushes. Perhaps the Apple and mack owners are situated in your area, hence the local names.

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      • Yes, they are here. I used to inspect the landscapes of the homes of some of them. However, I doubt that any are interested in horticulture. Some of the names sometimes seem to be mockeries of the idyllic culture that their industry destroyed.

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  3. Good morning, your sky looks like our sky today. Our crops depend on the snowpacks as irrigation water the crops. We are having warm days with temperatures in the 70s F. Have a stress free day and stay safe.

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  4. We are a spoiled lot, aren’t we? They opened the beaches in a town to the east of me here in Florida, and the people jammed the beach! No masks, no social distancing….they just ‘want the beach back.’ It will be there, for gosh sakes. I don’t understand the rush. Oh, well…..

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    • The Brits also had problems without their usual routine. Perhaps because we don’t have beaches that we are not missing anything. You never really met a lot of people taking a walk here, you can get lost in the distances.

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  5. And I always enjoy checking in to see your photos and hear what you have to say …. have a great day. Oops the sun FINALLY came out here, but I think only for a few minutes .. and it is COLD … 45 Fahrenheit … it is like winter here. SLP …

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