FOWC with Fandango: Squad


This is my insect hotel. I got it from the local store after collecting points according to what I spent there. I actually have two of them. It seems insects only regard this as a hotel if it is placed in the right area in the garden, facing South. After leaving it for a while I had a look to see if anything was happening. I saw that the various little entrances had been partially blocked with earth, or was it straw.

It seems that the first inhabitants have already moved in, probably some infants slipping out of their eggs. Whoever put them there have blocked the entrances with various bits and pieces, straw and even earth. It is now a matter of wating to see what emerges eventually. I hope they are friendly and good looking. I hate those little squirmy white bugs, give me something with a wing any time.

I am sure whatever appears, it will not be a single example but a complete squad. The basement seems to have been left for anyone that can creep in and make theirself comfortable. A few small spiders have been sighted, as well as beetles. I now go on an inspection tour every morning to see if there is something new.

FOWC with Fandango: Squad

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