Good Morning


Looks like a stormy one this morning, although still no rain up to now. I felt three spots of water yesterday afternoon and that was all. Not that I love the rain, but it is necessary for the plants to grow and our farmers have problems at the moment. I did not water my garden yesterday as I was sure it would rain in the night, which did not happen. I caught up on it this morning as my second task, after taking a photo of the sunrise which decided not to rise.

Otherwise nothing special happening at the moment. Sunday is Sunday so I will not be going anywhere special today, just a normal isolated day at home. Tomorrow things will be changing in our little Switzerland. The lock down will be relaxed and gardening shops are allowed to re-open. It seems this is what most people prefer and I will also not be sorry.  I have a few bits and pieces I would need. My sage plant could do with a replacement. It seems the gardening departments at the stores are preparing for the big day, although I will probably wait until my next shopping day on Wednesday as I can imagine the store will be crowded in this area tomorrow, although everyone at a distance of course.


Look who arrived again this morning. Do you sometimes get the feeling you are being watched? As soon as I open the window in the morning he appears as if from nowhere: Roschti the cat from next door. He waits patiently until the coast is clear and then enters to Tabby’s food bowl. I am keeping my eye on him, but cats can be quite persistent and they never give up. And Tabby? She is sleeping, not noticing the drama outside.


My forget-me-nots are slowly coming to an end. They are the Caucasus sort and are perenials, so appear every year without fail. They are also invasive so in certain places I have them everywhere, although they do not bother me so much. My hostas will soon be arriving and will push them into the background with their mega leaves.

My next task is to clear up the place a little, although there is not much to clear up. I have discovered a life in isolation does not have so much stress and there is no need to rush around.  I noticed I have a pile of ironing to do, as No. 1 son changed his bed linen yesterday which I washed. It is not so much for one bed, just the duvet and cushion, but I have a few other things to iron as well.

So time to go. Wash your hands regularly and do not, repeat, do not drink any disinfectant or washing up liquid to kill the floating hairy peas in your body,  as one of the world leaders said, although he did correct himself afterwards saying he meant it sarcastically. I did not find it sarcastic, just stupid and idiotic, especially as some people followed these stupid words and put it into practice. But apparently Mr. Trump knows everything better. Make the most of the day.




17 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Well that’s a real shame about the bleach. As it is my 70 tooth birthday today I was really looking forward to a good drink of bleach. Oh well never mind I have coffee cake instead and I am sure it will be far nicer than bleach. I absolutely adore garden centres Pat and I’m glad that yours are going to be opening tomorrow. I don’t think ours will be opening for a long time yet although some DIY stores are allowed to be opening soon I think. Your lockdown seems to have really worked but sadly ours doesn’t seem to be doing so good so I fear we will be in this state for a long time to come but I would rather have that than catch dreadful virus. Have a lovely Sunday Pat.

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    • Happy birthday and may it be a good one. I am waiting for Mr. Trump to try it out on himself, but no such luck it seems. Not only the garden centre will be open, but the hairdesser as well it seems. Our lockdown worked well, but our infections have kept within limits and we always had space in the hospitals for patients. However I believe things in our lifetime will never return to how they used to be. A virus does not just disappear. I think we had about 150 new cases today in Switzerland.

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      • Thankyou very much for the burthday wishes Pat. Well, coffee and walnut cake can’t be bad can it. I am lucky to be here still, so can’t complain. Yes, I agree that things will never be the same again, and that this virus is not going to just go away. I can’t imagine what kind of society we might have though. I wish people in England were as careful as people in Switzerland though. Yes, Donald Trump is not taking his own medicine. Stupid man! We need some decent leaders. It will be interesting to see what happens in Switzerlabd when the lockdown eases. But what about Sweden, where it was deemed not necessary to have much of a licjdown? If I have read it right, they have not had it go through the roof, as was expected. I may be wrong though. Oh well…….we will just keep writing our bligs and neeting in the virtual world. It is so nice to meet prople from all over the world in this way. Have avgood rest of the day Pat.

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        • England seem to really be having a bad time of it. I follow the events quite closely with the daily news report from Downing Street on the BBC. If I may say it, the NHS is good, if they only had got more support from the government to modernise the system and improve the equipment they needed over the years. I am not sure about Sweden, but it will be interesting to see how it will work out.

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          • Yes, the NHS is doing a good job, but it has been so underfunded, abd in this pandemic they have not had the PPE that they need and sadly, many nurses and doctors have died 😟


  2. Good Morning!
    My forget-mt-not is still blooming. It is an annual European species that is somewhat naturalized where it gets a bit of water through summer. Because it does not get very far from landscaped or riparian areas, I would not say that it is a weed. It is just very pretty for a bit of light blue in shady spots. Yours is a Brunnera macrophylla, which is less common here, since it has not naturalized. Those of us who want it must plant it intentionally.

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  3. Good morning It sunny today with warm temperatures but no moisture. Idaho is now a stay safe state. Some things are now open. Rosetti must like Tabby’s food and he feels safe to enter your home. Have a good ironing time. Stay safe!

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    • Roschti feels too safe to enter my home, unfortunately. I caught him again this morning at Tabby’s food. Although we have vey few coronavirus cases here now, compared to other European countries, our government are still being very careful. Tomorrrow the garrden centre will be open and the hairdresser. I still have to do my ironing.

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