Good Morning


A bit of cloud, but sunny all the same. There is a slight early morning nip in the air, but no big problem And of course it is Saturday, although for a golden oldie, most days are the same, just with a different name. The good thing with Saturday is that if you have planned it right you do not have to go anywhere, only if you want to and I do not plan on any big tours at the moment. These hairy pins floating in the air are best to be avoided when you can, although our area does not have so many infections as others and I really know no-one that has been infected, but I do not really get out very much. This whole thing has made me realise how little I mix with the others. My only place of socialising seems to be the store. I hear my neighbours from the balconies, but do not really see them very often.

I was on my week-end shopping trip yesterday and that was enough until Monday afternoon.


I had a visitor this morning on my computer, probably the first of many during the summer. They really make themselves at home when the warmer months arrive. One of the reasons why I always have a fly swatter in the neighbourhood.

I have now found a little solution to my difficult “r” key on my compute which is no longer so easy to use. I wrote my “r” and copied it. Now when I need it I just make a paste “v” and it inserts it for me. Not ideal, but a quicker remedy.


I noticed that my columbine has appeared again in my garden. It arrives every year. Perhaps from seeds although I discovered that they are a perrenial so would appear annually. I like them very much and often see them in the gardens here.


My seedlings are also growing (parsley, basil and cress). I got the equipment from the store special offer with the paper pots lined with plastic, a piece of earth which swelled up when water was added and of course the seeds. When they grow large enough I will replant them. Little things please little minds it seems. I even got the wooden frame with their offer. I just had to collect stamps on a card. They have even extended the offer until May, although I now have everything I need.


My sedum is also beginning to flower. There is certainly a lot going on in the garden at the moment. That is an advantage of growing old, and there are not many, so make the most of them when you find them. You have more time for such small delights in life.


What are these doing here? It is our dinner, 3 pork chops. I got them from my freezer yesterday and almost forgot to put them out to thaw, but no problem. They will be ready to fry by lunchtime – I hope.

And now I must depart and get myself in motion. May you have a good week-end despite the invasion of the invisible third party. At least it cannot take the wonderful sights of nature away from us.


15 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • Sounds a good solution. I only have one key not working so well on my Mac. My Acer is still,in Perfect condition. I am now working on transferring my faulty letter to another key.

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  1. Good morning your flowers are a treat to see every morning. I like columbine, especially the red and yellow one. It is cool out but the sun is shining and by the afternoon it will be warm. Stay safe!

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  2. Good Morning.
    Your store gives away some nice gifts. That insect house was of remarkable quality. So were those small garden tools, and of course this equipment for growing vegetables or herbs.

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