FOWC with Fandango: Candid


Yesterday we had fish (salmon) for dinner with peas and carrots and potatoes. I put a sprinkling of chives on the potatoes and added some dill to the fish. The peas were frozen, but I mixed them with fresh carrots when cooking.


Today it was a pork chop, saffron rice and carrots again. I think you can call them Vichy carrots as I cut them thinly and let them cook in their own juice in the pan with a lid. I chopped some fresh parsley over the carrots. I also added some sage leaves. fresh thyme and rosemary to the meat while it was cooking.

Oh, despair is me. With this lock down and isolation the only place I ever visit is the store to buy food, so the only photos I take are what we are eating. I am not cook of the year and definitely not a master chef, but the photos are not too bad and it keeps me out of mischief,  so bear with me.

FOWC with Fandango: Candid

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