Good Morning


How is that for a sunny start to the day? There are even a few clouds to embellish it. It’s Friday again and the end of another week. Time always goes quickly when you are enjoying yourself as my mum always said, although the enjoyment was her idea I think. I am not sure if enjoyment is the word to use when rising in the morning. Another problem I have is that the key “r” on my Mac no longer wants to connect and I almost need a hammer for it. After having a look on Internet it seems this is something that can happen that various Mac keys give up. Of course there is a remedy but I have not yet found it and I really do not want to use my other computer with my breakfast blog.

Friday again and another week-end shopping tour in the afternoon. The list is made. I have discovered that I have three pork chops in my freezer so I will probably be cooking them over the week-end. Otherwise I made an exciting discovery in the garden yesterday, at least it was exciting for me.


I got this insect house on a special action at the supermarket. I had to collect stickies when I pay my bill, put them on a card and when it is full I get this for free. I eventually put it out in the garden but did not notice any moving vans with insects for some time. Yesterday I took a close look and discovered that many of the small holes had been blocked. I suspect that the first lodgers have deposited a few babies in the holes, so I am now keeping an eye on it all.


As I was watching a bee arrived at one of the open entrances. I think I am developing a bee hive outside. It is not easy to get this hotel opening. You have to place them towards South to get a good result. I have two of them, but one of them was not in a good place in the front garden. Now I have them both in the back garden and I am getting inquisitive.

That was my excitement for the day.


I also discovered at a closer look at my apple blossoms, but small bumps are forming at the base of the flower, which will one day be an apple. But I will have to have patience until Autumn.

This morning is the usual miniature cleaning session with a little bit of ironing, but no  stress I hope. I noticed that a lot of people in my apartment block, mainly the active younger generation, now order their needs online. Every morning the postman brings 3-4 parcels. He always puts them in the entrance hall until they are picked up and I can stumble over then to get to my postbox: sign of the covid19 times. Everyone here us now waiting for the big unlocking session, but we will have to be patient.

So try to enjoy you day all the same. Wear a different coloured mask for a change to brighten up the day. And now to see how I can repair my annoying “r” key on my computer,


11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Oh I love the insect hotel. This looks like a good idea to try to bring back the bee population. Just be careful that you don’t get stung !!! Have a great day and a great weekend. It is going to be rainy and cold here today … and through the weekend evidently. Dunno … SLP …

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  2. Good morning, the inset box is great as I read on a study that populations are declining. The highlight yesterday was the lovely purple that Kathy brought me yesterday. The flowers late and there at least ten open flowers, otherwise, it was terrible day. Have an awesome showing trip. Stay Safe!

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    • Shopping became a sreess Trip as my iPhone was not working property due toma stupid mistake I made and I could not read my shopping list. I had to go home and reorganize it and go shopping again


  3. Good Morning.
    My ‘e’ went out before the ‘r’. Then, the whole row between ‘q’ and ‘t’ went out. It was right at the beginning of when all the stores closed. I was so pleased to be able to purchase a new computer online, and pick it up at the curb at the store in Santa Cruz. However, the cheap computer is something like a ‘Chromebook’, which means I can neither store anything on it, nor download a word processing program! Bummer! I know the store would have taken it back, but I do not feel right about returning it, since it is not their mistake. When this is all over, I will try to find some computer whiz to force this machine to download a word processing program. Supposedly, it is possible. After all this mess, I found a keyboard that I was able to plug into the old dying laptop, so I can still do my writing for now.

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    • I have found a good place for the hotel on the far side of the garden. I was surprised to see how the holes in the box had been blocked with hay. Something is goin on inside


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