FOWC with Fandango: Express

Shopping on Saturday morning

Look, toilet rolls in the shopping trolley, although no big deal any more, that is already a thing of the past. We all have enough toilet rolls now, we make sure that we do. It is the first thing you buy if you find there might be supply problems. It is not food that you grab, but toilet rolls.

Actually this has nothing to do with what I wanted to actually say, but I found it a wonderful photo. Today I went shopping. I have my shopping list in detail on my telephone and that is important as golden oldies tend to forget what they need. Unfortunately due to a false manipulation on my phone, I no longer had contact to the list and needed the four digit code to release my phone again. I was lost. Anyhow to cut a long story short I left the few items I had in my shopping trolley in the store as I had not yet paid for them and drove back home again to get the code to release the phone. I know it sounds stupid, but I was completely lost without my list. The brains of a golden oldie no longer work as well as they should. Arriving back at the store with my functioning phone, I discovered that my shopping trolley was no longer there. Customer services had put it in a safe place. What wonderful people, so I lost another quarter of an hour searching for my trolley.

This was no longer an express shopping excursion. One of the problems of a digital life. Sometimes things just do not work out as they should.

FOWC with Fandango: Express

10 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Express

  1. I keep a shopping list on our kitchen tablke, and then when the cat chews it up, I take the big pieces that are left to use for a list. A phone would not help me at all, since I like to tear the edge of the list when I buy the item, although so many things are not available that I use the same list over and over every time we go out, which might be once a week or two.

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  2. I keep a written list and if it not written down….it is lost. I know what you mean. We went to the store today and I got two bags of flour! I was so excited (I love to bake) as the shelves have been empty the past couple of weeks. It is now the little things that make us happy. Your store is pretty wonderful. I would have thought they returned all your items to their shelves. They really do mean ‘customer’ service!

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  3. I’m waiting for a day when my shopping list isn’t more like a wish list and I know I can get what I need. So far, we can get 75% of what we want. We never know what will be missing. It’s like shopping in a grab bag.

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    • I can get most of what I want, although I don’t think they stock up so well on some goods. Slowly we realise what a wonderful life we were once living.


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