RDP Thursday: Cornershop

Feldbrunnen 08.05.2018

We used to have a corner shop
one day it disappeared
No more food was sold,
Something we all feared
We still had the post office, open all the day
And then they had to close it
Something else not here to stay
The farmer sells eggs
so we do not starve
I wish we had a corner shop
that would sell something to carve
Our meat supplies are plentiful
They walk around on legs
We have more cows than humans
but all we have are eggs
And so our village is dying
We have to go to town
But all the shops are shut
Covid nineteen closed them down

RDP Thursday: Cornershop

8 thoughts on “RDP Thursday: Cornershop

    • My cockney mum always said if you have eggs and potatoes you can always fry up egg and chips. It does not always work, that was the East End of London version. Frying eggs is a delicate business, but after 51 years of practice, I can do it. I like them sunny side up but always spoon the hot fat over the yellow to get the skin cooked and …. I always fry my eggs in butter. Keep trying, one day it will be a success and don’t throw them in the bin. Mix them up with a fork and call it scrambled eggs afterwards – no-one will know the difference.

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      • I poach them ok but there is nothing like fried egg and chips. It’s amazing the problems I have just breaking them (and making sure the yolk stays intact) and scooping them out at the end. Just little things you’d never really think of. Getting things out of pans can be tricky because I have no hands to hold the pan still while retrieving the egg!
        Last night was a catalogue of errors – not enough oil in the pan because the bottle was nearly empty, could not find a proper spatula – we own about three of them but… god knows.

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