FOWC with Fandango: Dinner


I only saw the prompt at the last minute when I was finishing my dinner, so you only get a photo of the remains, of the spaghetti, but cooking has now taken a completely different aspect since the invasion of the hairy peas. I no longer cook for daily needs but think ahead.

Today my minced meat for the spaghetti was six weeks old. Of course I had frozen it in my new super large sized freezer chest in the cellar. The butcher at the store vacuumed it flat and it thawed out in an hour. The parmesan cheese was also frozen, although that was a slight accident, because I had bought too much and knew it would not stay fresh. Although I have now decided to keep my grated cheese in the freezer. It thaws out instantly in small portions and remains in good condition.

Pasta is no problem as that is always good to keep, although not too long otherwise it might attract an unwanted moth like creature although the has never happened to me. And the tin of pelati? Since the panic buying spasms of the general public when I found none in the store I have now installed a little table in my cellar where I keep preserves and always have a stock of 10 tins of chopped cooked tomatoes. Yes I now think ahead. I used to buy for a couple of days, but now I plan for a month or more. No hairy pea is going to catch me unawares.

FOWC with Fandango: Dinner

9 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Dinner

  1. … And as a side effect it keeps your pulse on par! No stress with panic cooking and missing stuff!!! My grated Parmesan always lived in the freezer, it’s a simple thing and you use what you need, no more.

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  2. I’m happy to see my freezer looking full again and, as you do now, I like to keep a few tins of tomatoes and other things in the pantry so I know I always have the means to make pasta or Shepherd’s Pie which is filling and lasts me a for a couple of meals. I often freeze the leftovers too. It was handy on days when I knew I would be out all day and would not want to cook.

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    • It certainly gives you a secure feeling to know that there is food at home if you cannot manage to shop. I have a son that eats everything that is mot eaten by us, so there are rarely leftovers to freeze. However this pandemic has certainly been a warning, perhaps more because of the panic buyers

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