RDP Monday: Flutter


Now these little birds were fluttering outside this morning planning a landing on the food I had hung on the birdhouse lower down. I must say they have really improved on the camera on the new iPhones. If you set it right, they take about 20 photos in a sequence when you press the camera, and you can choose the one you would like. I managed to get two birds fluttering with this photo.

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the word flutter, was a memory of my dad. He was a great horse lover, although not that he admired the animals as such. One of his hobbies was have a “flutter” on the horses, which was his cockney expression of having a bet on the winner in a horse race. He would study the newspaper every evening and decide which horse had the best chance to win and he was good at it. As a golden oldie, his daily exercise would be a walk to the local betting shop in London and he would have his little flutter. He never became a millionaire, but he almost always won. He had a very intricate system on betting on a winner or place number (in the first three) and he realised how good the horses were. I think as a child I had visited most of the race courses in our part of England, it was an outing for the working class family. Of course dad was also an expert on greyhounds. Again not a dog lover, but he liked to have his little flutter at the local race track.

RDP Monday: Flutter

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