Good Morning


I have returned after a few days absence dealing with some reality. I now hope to be back on course, although life is often full of surprises and sometimes not so pleasant. The sunrise has changed a little, and instead of a flaming yellow ball, we have clouds and an attempt at some rays poking through, but not so successful. I don’t really mind. At least the light is not so strong and it is not so cold.


Although I am no longer feeding the birds, I still get visits. The bird house is empty of seed and I have tidied it a little. However, I could not ignore the little fluttering wings entirely and hung a food net for them to peck now and again. They soon realised that there was something to be had


and made the most of the food. They will not starve and now that the seeds of the dandelions are ripe to pick in the meadow, there will be enough food for all. I am also sure that worm life is developing and the bird parents will be hopping around with their beaks full to feed the kids. We do not really do it much differently, just fill our trolleys at the supermarket with the food.

I am glad that the Easter is finished for another year and shopping can be done normally. We still have lockdown here, as everyone in the world, but I am coping OK. Our government is now making steps to relax the restrictions, but being Swiss they are also being careful. Ordinary people like myself are not having such great problems with the current situation. It is not ideal, but I do not mind a little isolation now and again. Shopping is quite pleasant  with no crowds and the stores have enough to sell. One thing I do not understand. I read some reports from other countries, mainly Britain in Facebook, that they managed to get the food quite easily, but they all seem to be doing the shopping as soon as the store opens in the early morning.  Do we have famine as well as the hairy peas are still floating in the air, or perhaps it is me. I prefer to do my shopping in the afternoon. I see no reason to rush out early to get it done with and afterwards tell everyone how successful I was. I am no fan of stress when not necessary.

Now that the peak of the pandemic in Switzerland seems to be over, the economic problems of the business world are being emphasised and there are calls to open businesses again, which I can understand.  A few stores will be opening, but our restaurant owners are annoyed that they are having to remain closed. Personally it will be a long time untilI venture again into a restaurant or move normally amongst people as it used to be. I will remain away from the maddening crowds for a while.

And now to move on and organise my housewife golden oldie life. Make the most of the day, I discovered some new flowers blossoming in the garden. I think it is a moss rose, but cannot remember the exact name.


28 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning.
    That flower certainly looks like a moss rose (Portulaca grandiflora), except that the foliage of moss rose is smooth and succulent. That might be another species of it.

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  2. Nice to see you back again. I guess that people are worried that if they don’t shop in the morning there won’t be enough left by the afternoon. When I used to shop in person I really preferred to do it in the morning, not for that reason but because I was more energetic in the mornings. However, when I was a working woman that wasn’t practical a lot of the time. We had to do it after work. In the end, when David stopped working he did it by himself and I would just go to the market in the city for certain things that we couldn’t get locally.

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    • I have just returned from my afternoon shopping trip, and I almost had the complete supermarket to myself. When you enter you are counted and I saw there were only 80 people (including the shop assistants) in the store. Usually it is about 120. What a wonderful way to shop.

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    • We are a small country with eight million population and it is easier to keep under control. I have been following the British progressions of the disease regularly and watch daily the Downing Street report with the various ministers and how the lockdown is being organised in GB, being an ex British pat. Today we “only” had 205 new cases of the disease but our government are being careful about further moves.

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  3. Glad you are back. I love the isolation. I take walks twice a day over to the main road which is a four lane highway … I take my mask off … and walk down the middle. I love it. YOu can hear the birds, etc. for a change. No planes, no automobiles, the bus only comes by once every 30 minutes so all is peaceful and calm. Have a great day … SLP …

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    • This afternoon I almost had the supermarket store to myself, the customers were few and far beetween. The roads were almost empty to the store. Perhaps we should have a lockdown now and again, but not for the reason we have now. Just to relax and enjoy life. I am sure nature would be glad.


  4. Good morning, It was pleasure to find you blog and know you and family are okay Saturday a local business stopped by with a sample of their product, a waffle. All severs were wearing face mask and gloves and stood 6 feet apart. Have stress freed day and stay safe.

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    • The family were always OK, I just had to deal with something myself, but all is fine. We see face masks now and again, but it seems that the Swiss government do not have many. We can order them privately, they are not cheap. We keep our distance of 2 meters wherever we go. At the moment our virus problem seems to be reducing in numbers and we have plenty of room in the hospitals. I hope it continues this way.

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  5. I totally agree with you – no sense going to the store so early in the day! Around here, the “Senior Citizen” shopping hours are from 6am-7am. As if we are all ready to zip out to the store that early. The logic is that the store would be the cleanest at that time. Makes no sense to me as I am not fully awake by then. I go in the afternoon.

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    • I have always gone in the afternoon and it is much easier and more relaxed. today I had the store almost to myself and there was still enough to buy, no problem. I could never understand this early morning shopping for the golden oldies, although I support the store is cleaner. Perhaps they just want the golden oldies out of the way during the day.

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  6. I am one who likes to shop early, arriving a few minutes before the store opens. In my case, NOT because I am panic buying, but because that is the quietest time and it gives me the rest of the day to do what I want to do (mainly recover, drink tea and eat chocolate) 🙂 Nice to see you back after your short absence.

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    • I follow your logic of getting it done and done with. I quite enjoy my little shopping expeditions. I know all the shop assistants in the store, they know me, greet me by name and we have really got know to each other over the years. – small town Switzerland. I think panic buying is now a thing of the past. Won’t we have something to tell our grandchildren, or great grandchildren when this is all over.

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      • We will indeed have something to tell future generations. Here, our County Archives are asking people to send in writing (letters, poems, personal essays) about life in these coronavirus days. A separate project for children’s writing. A good idea I thought.


  7. Hello, Mrs AngloSwiss. I haven’t been keeping up my reading on WP for awhile. I am really glad to know you and Mr. Swiss are doing well and that you have been able to return to your morning entries with photos. Our area in the US is currently still on the rising side of COVID cases–although not extraordinarily high. I think the influenza in our area was more concentrated and widespread. My market days are very carefully planned and I take advantage of the 6am-7am senior citizen shopping time at our local food store. It makes for somewhat of a scavenger hunt, but so far God has provided for all our needs. Very thankful and very prayerful for our world. Many blessings to you both.


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