FOWC with Fandango: Screen


“Glog what is so interesting on your screen?”

“I am watching the inhabitants of Planet Earth looking at their screens. But why are they only looking at other humans or writing in their old fashioned words Mumky.”

“They are a primitive race Glog. They cannot interact with their screens.”

“You mean they can only look at things in a flat shape – how boring. They can only see pictures but not touch what is on the picture.”

“And now do your homework and stop touching that screen.”

“But we always touch screens.”

“Just be careful, you don’t know what sorts of germs you might pick up from those humans. Now go and disinfect your hands, all three of them and afterwards you can do your homework.”

“OK mumky, no problem. I was only looking at the earth TV to get some ideas on what to write. The teacher told us to visit some humans in the zoo, at a safe distance of course, and write about how they touch things.”

FOWC with Fandango: Screen

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