FOWC with Fandango: Hectic


It began a few days ago when my head decided to move independently and not with the body. Was it stress, the hectic of daily life? Who knows, but when you turn and find that your head does not turn with you, then you drag out the blood pressure measuring device.

We actually have two, but both had sort of disappeared for a year. We found them on a shelf and I was ready to go. I removed the thick layer of dust that had collected, strapped it to my wrist and pressed the button and ….. nothing happened. These things have a battery, and when they are not used, the battery decides to give up. No problem, we have two of these machines. I removed the dust from the second measuring device and yes, the battery on this one was also dead. Now I was getting a little excited.

However, Mr. Swiss to the rescue and he produced two new batteries. They were both now in operation. And so I strapped it to my wrist and it began to get tighter and started to tick. Suddenly it relaxed, peeped and there I had it: my blood pressure was far too high, the hectic of daily life? This was a week ago. I used to have a measure of about 120/90 and now suddenly I get readings of 150/92. Mr. Swiss tells me that as long as the lower value does not exceed 90, there is no problem. Practice makes perfect and slowly I have it again in grip.

I have now made a point of measuring my blood pressure regularly. The human body is reduced to a statistic it seems.

FOWC with Fandango: Hectic

18 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Hectic

  1. Don’t worry. I have been measured at 200/120. But if I were you I’d visit my doctor when all this madness is over. I had a high BP for years and my local doctor farted about for years. I’d go to the surgery and we’d be, like, “ooh, that’s high”. But it was only seriously addressed after I had the stroke. Since then it has been 140/80, clockwork.
    If you decide you need a new monitor after this, get one that cuffs your upper arm instead, they are more accurate.
    The *most* accurate is an old-fashioned manual, mercury column, but try getting hold of one of those these days!
    But please, there are hundreds of different BP meds on the market so do not stop hassling them until you find something that works for you.

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    • I always had 120/90 but it seems old age is catching up with me. I was once diagnosed with Menier with balance problems coming from the inner ear, but it has all been overtaken by my MS. Diagnosis, which i have had for at least 30 years but only diagnosed 4 years ago. I have a regular observation from my neurologist, as I have to inject every second day, but I will have a word with him about it the next time I see him.

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      • BP is a very standard thing to measure, so he probably knows and is not overly worried, but possibly worth a mention just in case… I take, what, about 8 tablets per day for BP, but that does at least give me a sensible reading. I probably only measure it only every 4 months or so, because it tends not to change.
        Clinicians here will not prescribe meds on the basis of one reading (or readings over a short time) – they will instead look for something persistently high over a few months. My wife is a practise nurse. I would enjoy understanding more about MS one day, if ever you feel like telling us. I’m kinda mega-aware how little I understand medical issues which don’t affect me personally.

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    • The upper arm one needs to be big enough for the arm it is meant for. I, for example, am very overweight, and so the standard upper arm cuff just is not for me and always gives a wrong reading. For me my GP indeed recommended the wrist readers. And he specifically recommended the company shown!

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