Good Morning


The sun has returned in time for the morning. It is certainly uplifting to see it in these difficult times. It even gets quite warm during the day. Yesterday was again a day of shopping and what did I see: empty shelves, especially around the fresh articles. I wanted to buy a salad, just a simple so-called ice berg to go with my spaghetti dinner and there was not one single salad there. It looked as it the toilet roll syndrome  had appeared and had now infected the salad. There was one packet containing three chicory heads, but not my idea of a salad, and also too expensive. Why pay 2.50 Swiss francs when an ice berg costs around 1.60 francs. I decided almost on the chicory as a last resort and then I saw plastic packs with ready cut and washed mix salad. It is not something that I usually buy as I like to prepare my salad fresh and not in a plastic bag. However, it was on special offer and so I decided salad from the plastic bag is better than nothing and gives less to do.

I moved onto the butcher’s counter, at least there would be meat. I wanted minced beef and there was none. No problem, said the assistant, the butcher is preparing it. And so I got freshly minced beef straight from the machine. I asked her if they had a panic buying invasion in the morning and she said not really, but the lorry had not yet arrived with the day’s deliveries. It was the half past three in the afternoon, so I was wondering if he would ever arrive. Anyhow I got my minced beef, double the amount as usual, but I am planning to freeze half of it when cooked Italian style, to have something as a reserve in the freezer. I never used to bother with such things, but times are changing and I sometimes do not know where they are going.  A funny thought as we are in surreal times, I do not remember ever seeing the crew of the spaceship Enterprise eating anything. Did they live on vitamin tablets? Perhaps that will one day be our future, they never washed their hands either.

I am not so sure about this washing hands thing. I no longer have such light pink silky skin, but it is quite rough in places: too much liquid soap probably. Mr. Swiss told me yesterday I have quite a nice brown shading on my face. That is suspicious, although admittedly I do sit outside during the afternoon. I just do not trust the hairy peas with their genetic features.


As I no longer go on photography safaris so much, I am really running out of subjects for something new in the camera. The best I can do is our wild meadow, just opposite my garden.This photo is really a buttercup and daisy theme and reminds me of a poem from the days gone bye. I will not reproduce it here, but you will find it somewhere in Internet.


The dandelions are now finishing and producing their clocks of disposable seeds, ready to take over again for a second flower showing, or perhaps just waiting for next year.

I am glad to again be in isolation for the day. I cannot understand why everyone seems to be make a thing of pasttimes when they have to stay at home. I never seem to be lost for anything to do. I had to park my car yesterday evening on our parking spaces outside as today is the day when the underground garage must be emptied as it will be washed down with the hose. When I arrived home yesterday from shopping I was lucky to find the last remaining free space on our parking spaces, otherwise I would have had to park it on the black gravel spaces, which are not official and not so well organised. Today the process will be finished in the afternoon and I can move the car back into the garage. I was thinking of depositing my empty glass bottles and jars, and the metal from various kitchen tins in the village container area with No. 1 son this afternoon, but am not sure about that one. I could do it just before moving back to the garage.

Otherwise I must now continue with my isolation hobby. Today it will be new bed linen. I have already removed the old from my bed and recovered the duvet and cushion with fresh linen and I noticed Mr. Swiss sitting on his bed doing the same. All going well it will be done in half an hour.

Keep yourselves busy with isolation hobbies and to pass time you can always write about it afterwards on the computer. As a goodbye here is the view from my front garden of our local Jura mountains (I zoomed it in a little).


11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Thankyou for sharing your life in Switzerland with us Pat. I hope your shop gets stocked soon. I also know that if I had sight the lockdown would not bother me either. In a way, it doesn’t anyway, but it would be much easier if I could see. So it is nice to see things through your eyes Pat. I don’t know why, but we don’t seem to be getting so many birds in our corkscrew willow tree as we did. Maybe they are all busy becoming mummies and daddies! Hubby saw one little bird the other day with a huge piece of fur and other things in its beak that was almost bigger than the bird itself! Have a good day Pat.

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  2. Sounds like you are set for the day now. Your view of the Mountains is spectacular. I also love the meadow flowers. I drove the car on Tuesday to a local shop for provisions for my Dad mostly..I was horrified at how people, having queued at a distance outside, seem to then brush past you and seem impatient to wait while you select your shopping inside the store. I will avoid going to that particular store again. Happy to spend another day at home. I cut the back lawn yesterday and then did some drawing and photography in the afternoon. Today I will tackle the front lawn and sweep the drive, which is dusted with a sprinkling of blossom from my neighbours trees. I have a horse chestnut tree in my front garden and every year I fill at least three compost bins with the conkers and their husks and leaves etc…Oh well another season another year- I should be grateful to be here…take care, enjoy your day 🙂

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  3. Such a beautiful view from your window. Yes , life has changed so much and I wonder what the coming months will be like. Glad you both are fine. Lovely photos. My daughter and family live in Germany. A few days ago she sent photos of our grandchildren blowing dandelions. They enjoy it. Regards


  4. I agree with you about not understanding adding why people are complaining about not having anything to do, Pat. Between my volunteer job, which I do at home (Treasurer for my organization) , regular household stuff and cooking, and taking and editing photos for my porch portrait project, I am busy every minute.


  5. We went to the grocery store yesterday for the first time in a few weeks and the flour aisle was completely bare. One man was on his cellphone telling his wife, “There is no flour…..” We actually went to two stores and no flour was to be found in either one. People must be baking up a storm!


  6. Good morning. It sure is a pretty one there, with such a clear view of the Jura Mountains, and the trees taking on new foliage. Meadow flowers seem to be a popular topic right now, as if people are noticing them more nowadays. Maybe it is just that time of year. Some are more interesting than what grows in gardens, because they say more about where they are. It is interesting to see how familiar species adapt to different climates in different parts of the World, but wildflowers show who can survive without any intervention.

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    • Hi Tony, It is good to see your comment wildflowers that been sore spot during my life of the difference on Native Plants. I know of a group Ladies where address when they found dipping dead seeds into the Columbia River. They use dry stalks in Flora Designs. They had no know idea they were spreading non-natives along the way.



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        • I don’t mention my garden experience often as I feel it is bragging. I was involve as native species beginning, I was even guilty. Do you remember garden grand robins. I particite Gardener, A FLoral judge and now Flower Shop Judge and judge flower shows and now I need Help to Keep my indoor Garden alive.
          BTY, I gave my master Gardener books to a good Penstemon friend who lived in California and we were visiting at that time. Jack was active in University of California gardens. I thought it would a good place to place. We were active with California Native Society and did volunteer jobs with them.

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          • The California Native Plant Society still helps with providing trees for some of the vegetation renovation projects in the Los Angeles Region. Some of the sycamores are actually nice street trees for some of the big medians, where there is sufficient space for them.

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  7. Good morning It is the afternoon here, I have been trying most of the day to relieve all the stress in my life. I have ordered a camera that any computer can use. It won’t be here until late week and my aim is to restart my WordPress blog. The world has changed so much since we retired in 1995, We are finding it completely different. I am aiming for a stressfree day. I plan on being around until July 6.
    It is another spring-like day with a dried sunny day and one to be outdoors in. We are not even supposed to walk in the hallways and it has been extended to March 30. Kathy and I played with my stuff animals and composed a BOY AND HIS DOG.




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