Good Morning


I was expecting the usual sunrise, a yellow ball against a blue sky, but today I found it more inspiring. Was it the clouds or the general atmosphere caused by the trees in between? It was an encouragement to move around, and do things. Actually I was a little unsure this morning. I had one of my giddy attacks in bed and every time I turned, my head refused to turn with me. Although I eventually managed to stop hugging the bed and began moving which did help. No. 1 son is now working again, so one of the first chores is to air his bedroom and make his bed.


Afterwards I moved to the garden. I had to cover up a few items yesterday evening. There was already a definite chill arriving in the evening and the weather prophets even forecast a possibility of ground frost in the early morning.  We had no ground frost, luckily, but it was definitely a very cold night. Everything survived and no damage done. It would be a shame to lose a few plants due to frostbite in April.

Tomorrow is the day when our government has decided to let us know the future moves with this coronusvirus thing. Will they be relaxing the rules or not? There is talk of opening a few more stores and slowly getting back to normal. We now have few new cases of the dreaded and I am hoping there will not be a further increase. It never really got bad in our area and was mainly in the large towns of Zürich, Geneva and Basel, although the rest of Switzerland was not free of the problem. We have a map that is brought up to date every few hours and everything is pointing downwards in the illness.  It seems like a different country when we could walk around in groups of people, meet up with friends and neighbours and talk about the price of vegetables instead of illness developments at a distance of 2 meters.

My favourite British soap series, East Enders, has been reduced to only twice a week as they are no longer filming further episodes. The British TV programme is full of the newest developments in the saga of the hairy peas. Every evening there is a long programme broadcast direct from 10 Downing Street, the prime minister’s London residence, with various other government personnel. Over the years of my residence in Switzerland, I lost touch with who is who in Great Britain, but now I am fully in the picture.


I seem to have a new family member. It is Roschti, who actually owns the neighbour, but he has discovered that there is always a bowl of water and food at my place, actually for Tabby, my cat. I often find him sleeking out through the open kitchen window and licking his lips. I was talking to my next door neighbour and he asked me who that cat was. He said he visits him now and again and he always gives him some tit bits from the table. I have come to the conclusion that not only is Roschti getting enough food from the person he owns, but the whole neighbourhood is feeding him. Cats can be so sly.

I am off to a normal shopping expedition this afternoon. I have had an isolation holiday since Easter, but it is now back to the old routine.


There is not much more to report from the backwoods of Switzerland: you would only find our village by accident in any case. I wish you all a good day with my blossoming apple tree from the back yard.


19 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good Morning to you. The blossom is so lovely, I must take some photos of my one blossom tree today before it turns brown. Your visitor cat seems very at home, cats always seem to display a superior air, as if they will ‘just’ tolerate your presence. Have a good shopping adventure. All the best 🙂

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  2. Good morning, we had frost here overnight, but it had gone by 8am. Normally I try to leave the window open to let the cat come and go, but it was too cold last night. Fortunately, we do not worry about plants! It is bright sunshine now, at 9am.

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  3. Good Morning! The apple tree still looks good. That would be a bummer if the bloom got frosted. Apple and pear trees bloom a bit latter than the stone fruits to avoid the frost.

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  4. Hello Pat. My husband’s mother used to have a cat that went everywhere on the street and each house he went to he got fed. He also added to it by catching and eating mice.

    How wonderful it would be if this damned virus just disappeared. Hmmmm. Not likely JUST yet, though Switzerland seems far better than the UK. I wonder if we will ever be back to normal again? Have a good day Pat. Sorry about the dizzy spell though. I hope it has completely gone.

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    • Tabby was very active with mouse catching and many are the mice I had to put out of their misery, but that is now all finished.
      I have discovered that my dizzy spell is because of my high blood pressure as I measure it this morning. I have never had high blood pressure before, usually too low. It must be a sign of age.

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      • Oh crikey re the high blood pressure. My hubby was talking to his doctor on the phone today because of his blood sugars being all over. The doctor told him to start taking his blood pressure too. Fortunately we do have a machine. Let’s hope you have no more of those episodes.

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        • For some unknown reason we have two machines. I found them both covered in dust on a shelf and then we discovered the batteries were spent. However, Mr. Swiss always has extra batteries and now we know our blood pressure. I find it good to know the values, but am still searching for a remedy.

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  5. Good morning, thanks for an uplifting post yesterday. The news was bad I zone out and read most of the day. Roschti’s story brought a smile and shows just how smart a cat can be. He is just a pretty cat.

    I have decided as long as idiots in Eastern US aRE ARGUING who has the authority to start the recovery are not shooting each we will survive and return to a new life.

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    • Nothing really happens here. I sit on the porch and enjoy the good weather. Now and again Roschti pays a visit, mostly now. Where there is food, there is a cat. The Europeans are doing their own thing according to which country you live in. Some are opening the stores, others are playing sensible, and others are already planning the rebirth of economy. I am glad I am too old for all of that.

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  6. I feed 3 outdoor cats, who also visit several houses in the neighborhood. Over the years, we have watched the cats get a little….chubby. That is when my husband said, “I don’t think we are the only ones feeding the cats.” Adorable little ones, but very sly.

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  7. I’m really loving the beautiful pictures of blooming spring. We’re expecting snow tomorrow. Not serious snow, but still, it should be closer to spring and surely it’s too late for snow. Thank you for your beautiful pictures and your sunrises.

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