RDP Tuesday: Ban


I arrived at the chemist/drug store or whatever you call it. I was standing at the entrance and this was the first thing I saw outside: “Only 4 customers maximum can be in the store. Wait in the queue keeping a distance of 2 meters while you are thinking about it.”

That was my rough translation from German to English. I did not have to wait, there was no-one in a queue and so I entered.


I entered and was confronted with yet another sign “Please wait here”. This was becoming quite exciting. What was going to happen next?

It was then that I saw a human being, a shop assistant and she beckoned me to come a little closer. Just a little closer as we were separated by a thick sheet of plastic.


But I crossed the black and yellow tape and I was in, there was no stopping me now. A shop assistant greeted me and I moved over to the counter. We were only three customers in the drug store, so no holds barred. I told the assistant what I needed. I had already phoned from home in the morning to be sure that they had everything. I needed my diabetes pills, and they are never in stock, but no problem, they are organised for late afternoon and so everything was ready to be picked up. Mr. Swiss and I have our prescriptions deposited at the store.

I left with everything I needed. It used to be so easy in the pre corona days, but now it is like entering a different country.   Perhaps I will have to show my passport the next time.

RDP Tuesday: Ban

8 thoughts on “RDP Tuesday: Ban

  1. lol..indeed..i went thru something similar today. Here, none of the stores are consistent in their rules…the one i went to friday had changed this morning and there were employees placed at 20 ft intervals with walkie talkies to direct you , making sure you did NOT go astray and violate the one way thru the cattle shoot system …it was insane…i only needed one item and had to walk thru 10 aisles first..and god forbid you forget anything..you had to go the rest of ten way thru the maze..back outside and re enter!!

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    • Luckily we don’t have the one way system – yet, but there are coloured plastic tapes everything guide you to keep you on the correct route. We have a clothing section which is not available and excluded with tape. I wonder what they will do with the goods afterwards, perhaps we will have a half price sale😃


  2. I just love that in spite of all the restrictions you are still taking photographs 😀
    Where I am the restrictions are not as strict. We are allowed to go to the grocery store and the chemist – yes I also say chemist or pharmacy.
    We are a small community and nobody has caught the virus – yet. There is no restriction on the number of people allowed to enter but we have to sanitize and keep our distance from each other. Most of us wear masks.


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