RDP Sunday: Truth


Something just caught my eye in Facebook of all places, where the truth is never spelt with a capital “T”, but there are always exceptions to every rule. The lessons learnt in the past few weeks are:

China won the 3rd world war without firing any missiles

Europeans are not as educated as they appear

Rich people are in fact less immune that the poor

No priest, sheikh, usthad, or astrologer could save any patient

Health professionals are worth more than football legends

Animals most likely feel the same way in the zoo, as we do in quarantine

The planet regenerates quickly without human interference

Oil is worthless in a society without consumption

A majority can comfortably work from home

Everyone can survive without junk food

Living a hygienic life is not at all difficult

Men can cook too

Media is full of nonsense

Actors are just entertainers, not heroes

Life is so fragile, handle with care

These are not my original words, but there is a lot of truth in them.

RDP Sunday: Truth

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