Good Morning


I decided to get a little closer to the sun this morning, although am not sure if it was a good idea, but at least it is shining. It is so paradox at the moment to have such wonderful weather when the whole world is under the threat of an illness that is still making its rounds everywhere. A funny thought is that this time no-one can help, we are all dependent on help from ourselves because everyone everywhere is facing the same problem. In the films there are always the good guys and the bad guys. This time there is one bad guy and all of us good guys are fighting together to find a solution which is going to take time.


I have no idea what these plants are, but the gardener decided they would be a good ground cover in Spring and they are now living up to their reputation.

I am also more or less home bound now. I can go out, in my wheelchair, but I have absolutely no appetite to go anywhere: life has become so different: no people, no shops. Yesterday No. 1 son visited the kiosk at the railway station for Mr. Swiss as he was running out of cigarettes and I said I am going nowhere at the moment, especially not for cigarettes. Anyhow his addiction has been satisfied now until I break out again on Tuesday. It then occurred to me if public transport is actually running at the moment. I think the last thing I would want to do is to share a train with others. Mr. Swiss informed that although the trains and busses are running, they have no passengers – strange times at the moment. Even ghost trains have become reality.


It’s Easter Sunday, but it is just not the same. At least my tulips are flowering in the garden and Mr. Swiss even decided to have a hard boiled coloured egg for breakfast, hanging onto one of the last threads of Easter tradition.

Yesterday I watched the TV.Β  At the moment the BBC British TV, seems to be having a repeat session of Indiana Jones films with Harrison Ford. I quite like Harrison Ford, but when Mr. Swiss said he will soon be 80 years old I decided even the good guys get older. However, the films were entertaining. I must really be getting old when I now watch more TV. To finish the day I watched the news on the British TV, but I decided it was so depressing that I eventually switched the TV off and went to bed.

And now to move on with the daily chores. I have even got quite enthusiastic about cooking at the moment, although I am no 5 star cook, but it helps to satisfy my creative vein I suppose. Make the most of the holiday is all I can say. Who enjoys the days with this unknown threat hanging above our heads. I am sure one day, in the far distant future, we will be swamped with films about the attack of the hairy peas and how the world was saved by an unknown hero who we are all still waiting for to appear. I know one thing, it will definitely not be a political leader of a nation.


15 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Happy Easter to you. The tulips are lovely, mine are still to flower. Like you I find the constant updates on the news depressing, so I have been watching old recordings of shows..I was surprised last night to see adverts about Christmas in the intervals- at least you can fast forward when it’s a recording πŸ™‚ I love the yellow tulips and little white flowers in the ‘wild’ area – very pretty and cheerful- we need cheerful.


  2. Goodness! I have no idea what those pink flowers are. That does not happen very often. It seems to be related to a few species that are not related. I know that sound crazy. It has the seed pod of one family, the flowers of another, the floral stems of another, and a leaf of another.

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