RDP Saturday: Standby


I am the only person breaking out of isolation in the family and visiting the store. Mr. Swiss is less mobile that I am and I can get the whole process dealt with alone without any helping suggestions, so we have a discussion before I leave on what to get. Of course we do not always have the same opinion, but generally it works.

One of the edible problems is the mooli, a large white radish, although some call them a daikon. I have no great idea of its qualities, as the only radishes I knew were the small little round red radishes, but Mr. Swiss likes to have a mooli accompaniment to his cold cuts. They always have them in the store, usually king sized. They are so big that Mr. Swiss has to cut them in half to fit them into the fridge vegetable container.  I just buy them and he does the rest.

However, on my last shopping safari, before I left, he reminded me that a mooli was necessary adding not to buy such large ones, but smaller. In his days of shopping he always chose a smaller size. I reminded him that his last days of shopping were more than a year ago and his memory tends to wax and wain as time goes on.

“They only have king sized moolis”

“No, I remember distinctly that they have smaller sizes.”

“I will send you a photo from the store and you can see them for yourself.”

Hence the photo above. He even replied with an SMS with his appreciation and so I bought a mooli, the smallest I found, although it seemed to be slightly wider than the others and they all cost the same.

My situation as a standby for shopping seems to be saved and I can continue to buy, although in future I might send more photos before choosing. I do not even like the mooli, but everyone has their own tastes. Whilst I was searching for the english name of this vegetable (I only knew the German name of Bierrettich) I saw that you can even cook them with recipes in Internet. Now that would be an idea. I always have a silly remainder that decides to go soft and soggy before the complete mooli is eaten. Perhaps Mr. Swiss might even like them cooked, as a standby of course.

RDP Saturday: Standby

18 thoughts on “RDP Saturday: Standby

  1. When I was first out of hospital, I struggled to do a lot of things. One of the first goals was to get myself around the supermarket, so I could pick up the things that *I* wanted, rather than the things my wife *thought* I wanted!

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    • I won’t say “typical man”. Mr. Swiss is alway adding stuff to the list to buy and I have discovered that they are mainly sweets and toffees and chocolate. In a blue moon he might come with me to the store. We usually split up and he does his own thing. We meet afterwards and he is usually carrying one of those plastic bags (reminding me of the East End of London, Bethnal Green, where I grew up) packed full of confectionary.

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  2. This is interesting. Mooli is what we call them in Urdu! And have them raw in salads. Cooked, it has a slightly bitter taste but if it is cooked with spinach it makes that taste better.

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  3. So turnip family? I wouldn’t buy if we had them. I don’t like the bitter taste. I love your humor in these crazy times it’s good to keep laughing. We look like people ready for a moonwalk rather than a shopping trip with our long sleeves, gloves and masks.

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    • I think they are more related to the radish. I shop in short sleeves, and use the alcohol spray they have ready at the entrance to the supermarkets here in Switzerland. I would wear a mask, but have not yet found any and I am not really sure if they are as safe as they say. If our government decides we must have one, then I will co-operate. Actually shopping has never been so comfortable. Less people, everyone keeps out of your way and plenty of choice, even toilet rolls.


  4. Ooooh….daikon … I did not know they had them in Switzerland. We eat a lot of them. You can take short ribs, brown them, just like if you are making a stew, but make daikon the main ingredient along with the short ribs. Maybe a bit of chinese bok choi cabbage at the end …but don’t overcook it … just in the last few minutes so it is still a bit crunchy .. yum yum .. .good eating. I actually think that is what we are having for Easter Sunday quarantine dinner since it is one of my favorites. Have a blessed Easter Sunday. SLP …

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    • I am not really a fan, but Mr. Swiss is.I might now try cooking them in a stew. My meals at the moment are stuff I can keep to avoid too much shopping before the Easter holidays. Hope your Easter is a good one.


    • Actually we had daikon again for Easter Sunday dinner … my wife did a piece of fresh salmon, poached with Daikon and a LOT of fresh ginger and some enoki mushrooms … it was delicious … she did it in a covered wok type pan with a side handle she uses. Daikon and ginger lightly sauteed, then add the salmon and some liquid and let simmer for a few minutes until the salmon is done … plus a dash of sugar and vinegar at the beginning with salt and pepper …yum yum ..I thought about your Daikon while I was eating dinner tonight …. SLP …

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