Good Morning


Probably you thought I had done a disappearing trick, but I am here, although later than usual. The sun rose about 4 hours ago, but I managed to get a photo. Otherwise it is a wonderful morning, sunny and warm and I am already out on the porch with the computer.


This is the view opposite my table of one of my raised beds. I now have a nice little watering can with courtesy of the store, after collecting their stamps. I also have a second in yellow for No. 1 grandson, although I don’t know if he will ever use it and I am planning on two more for my garden. They are so pretty and handy to place here and there and nothing plastic. They are metal and nicely built.


Otherwise my amalanchier tree is now flowering opposite, at least I think that it what it is called. After the flowers it produces large blue berries which I believe are even edible, although I have never eaten one.


I also spotted these on the ground yesterday. They are quite small, probably to be classified as weed, but I find them pretty.  My Plants identifying app calls them ground ivy. They do tend to creep around but the flowers close up are very original and they make a nice blue background to everything.

Today is yet another day of semi isolation and I do not intend to go shopping anywhere. The fridge, freezer and cupboard is full.


My chicken is cooking for dinner, so what more can you wish for. And as I am later I should now move on to look what the noodles are doing. I just put them in the pan. In spite of the invasion of the hairy peas, I still try to get on with an almost normal life.

Let us make the most out of what we have at the moment. I will be back later and wish you all a good day from a sunny little patch in a small garden somewhere in a very small village in a small country in Europe where the birds are tweeting and my apple tree has blossoms.


15 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Oh it wasn’t. Went for a buttery organic ‘Zopf’ and yoghurts. No wait at the cashiers… I was in and out in 10min.
    Lovely garden. Wishing you and M a Happy carefree weekend.

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    • Although we are managing OK in Switzerland our government are being very cautious. I have no idea how it looks in the store today because I am staying at home


  2. It’s really spring in your town. Here, we have some forsythia and if I get down to look, I’m betting there are some daffodils, too. Maybe some other stuff. But it’s cold and damp, although today was sunny. I’m considering I’ll never leave the house again.

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    • It is more like early summer here, warm and sunny and everything is in flower. I would love to go out with the camera but I am probably better staying at home. Mr. Swiss never goes anywhere. It must be at least 6 months since he cane with me shopping. I am so glad to have the car. This lock down really changes my life.


  3. That plant identification app is pretty accurate. That certainly looks like a type of ground ivy, Glechoma hederacea, although it could be a different species of it. ‘Amalanchier’ has so many common names now that the common names are less common than the proper Latin name. It is popular in most regions, except here. We tried to grow it years ago, but there was no demand for it. My colleague knew it as serviceberry. I preferred it as saskatoon.

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