FOWC with Fandango: Moon

<Moon 05.01 (1)

Taking moon photos is not my speciality. It is more luck than judgement. When we have a harvest moon, a blue moon, or even a red moon, mine all look the same. Now this photo was one of the best I have. Although it is not a full moon, the bit you can see does have a few contours and shapes on the surface. It must have been a lucky shot because it is usually a blurry white ball, looking like an escaped ping pong ball.

Moon Eclipse 27.07 (31)

Although I was quite pleased with this one. It was when Mars decided to steal the show and they had some sort of meeting together with shadows, hence the reddish tinge. Otherwise I give up. I can look at the moon every evening if there is not a cloud in the way and it more or less hangs around in the same place.

New Moon

Now and again you even get this, although I am ever sure if it is a new moon or the remains of the moon. I should really pay more attention to this moon thing.

FOWC with Fandango: Moon

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