RDP Thursday: Cake


I actually did buy a cake today in the store. I thought something sweet after a meal is always good. It looks more like the Swiss Alps, but it is a tiramisu, something Italian and coffee flavoured, also quite creamy. It is still in the plastic packing, hence the reflection on the surface.


On the right are some more cakes being sold. Actually today was a good day for shopping and it seems that mid afternoon is a good time to go. Otherwise the store now opens at 7.00 a.m. and the customers are already waiting outside to get in before the customer  quota is filled with the allowed amount of people. I cannot understand that stress, after all no-one really has to go anywhere today, they are all isolating theirselves at home. I did not really have to buy a lot, just the bits and pieces left from yesterday’s shopping marathon. It was very pleasant in the store and as you can see there was quite a choice of cakes to buy (on the right). I even managed to get my green asparagus as a side dish to the evening meal. Yesterday the trays were empty but today there was a wide choice of asparagus, see left on the photo in the background.


Otherwise it was really a comfortable shopping trip and I was back home in an hour. Now it is finished until next week on Tuesday afternoon. I read today in the news that the two large supermarket chains in Switzerland have warned their customers to buy in advance as they are expecting a stampede on Saturday, although I found the warning a little late as today is already Thursday and tomorrow everything is closed for Good Friday. However, I have everything and do not intend to stampede for anything.

I now have my two chocolate rabbits (milk and white chocolate) so everyone will be happy at home.

I suppose I should wish everyone a good Easter, but up to now have found nothing good about it, but I can now relax.

RDP Thursday: Cake

12 thoughts on “RDP Thursday: Cake

  1. Asparagus and chocolate rabbits–you did well! More and more of the local stores here are restricting the number of customers allowed in at one time. I have an ongoing shopping list, but nothing so dire that I need to head out. In spite of all the precautions we are warned to take, I am going to stay home a bit longer. Isn’t having a freezer great? I read your post about it yesterday and gave a silent cheer at how helpful they are. Take care, Pat.

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  2. Although I am a golden oldie I am learning fast a lot of new things. I have completed the Easter shopping and even Mr. Swiss congratulated me on my success. Probably because I did an extra tour in another store for his favourite sweets. Things are quiet here, although cases of the pandemic are still arriving. Not only the freezer, but also keeping other food items in reserve, such as pasta, rice and lentils. Things you can keep for a long while. It took me 50 years to learn.

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  3. Tiramisu is very nice. I occasionally treat myself to it at a restaurant. I’ve been baking my own cakes more recently, mainly fruit cakes like Jubilee cake, date loaf or light fruit cake but if I have a leftover banana there may be banana cake or I may even experiment with carrot cake which I have never made.
    I love carrot cake which is funny because when I first heard of it I thought “Yuk” imagining a cake full of carrot rings.

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    • I have even made tiramisu myself, many years ago. Carrot cake is one of the Swiss traditional cakes from the Kanton of Aarau and i have often made one. Grated carrots and ground almonds are a main basis. I quite like it. I don’t make cakes myself today, although might do a chocolate mousse now and again

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