Good Morning


We have a little structure in the sky this morning. The sun is still hanging around, but only just making itself obvious. We have had some wonderful warm weather this week and I have even brought out my short trousers, just for at home in the garden of course.

I am gradually altering my winter dress to that of the warmer spring days and at last can go barefoot in my shoes without the stupid silly socks, which I never did like.


I was watering the garden this morning, as we have had no rain since at least a month and saw that my apple tree has its first opened bud. I do not know if it will beย  a good apple harvest this year, but at least we will have a few apples.


All the flowers are opening at the moment and my Darwin tulip is really showing itself from its best side. It has been many years in the garden and every year appears bigger and better than the last.

Yesterday afternoon was a marathon shopping tour of the store as I was endeavouring to get as much as possible for the Easter threat. There was no great rush of customers and plenty of space to move around in. I noticed that the customers who still have a little worry that their Easter table will not have enough wonderful events on it, had raided some of the items in the morning. I wanted to get some fresh asparagus, just as an accompaniment to the evening cold cuts, but no way. The trays were completely empty and every fresh asparagus bunch had been sold. I now just have a few items to get today (and asparagus perhaps if it appears again) and then I am finished until next week on Tuesday afternoon. How I dislike the long Easter week-end, especially in the times of lockdown.

There is some talk now in Switzerland about relaxing the lockdown as we are getting less and less cases of illness daily, although nowhere near perfect, but the trend is positive. The government say it is a little too early to jump the gun and I agree. I think it will be a long while until I feel safe again amongst people without the 2 meter distance. Our country seems to be one of those with less problems than others. We even still have hospital beds available, hoping that they stay available. Many of the popular holiday places are having a close down by the police and parking places have been closed: tourists are not welcome at the moment.

I will be pleased when the eternal hand washing ceremonies slow down a little. I have heard from many that the skin on the hands is getting sensitive and somewhat brittle. Mr. Swiss asked if I have a hand cream which I do not have and have never used. I am not sure if that would be a good idea after washing hands to rid them of any lurking virus remains and hand cream could be a new food source for a corona attack. Anyhow I am sticking to my hand washing routine. I discovered it is important to dry the skin completely afterwards.

And now to continue with the usual daily chores. I am glad to be able to keep myself busy and have no stress. So further in text and shall I or shall I not buy a chocolate easter bunny or egg. I am just not in the mood for such events at the moment. Just had a quick reflection of the days gone past when the old folks were still around and I would invite my mother-in-law on Good Friday to lunch. Afterwards in the afternoon there would be the ceremonial walk, weather permitting, with my family and my mother-in-law. It was just a little bit of tradition although to be quite honest I would have rather spent the afternoon at home. Have a good day, may the wandering virus stay away from you all, and in spite of the sore hands, keep washing them.

Creeping Buttercup

A wild buttercup found its way into my garden which also has it simple beauty. Unfortunately the gardener removed it and it is no longer, but I am sure it will return.

18 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. It lifted my heart to read about the buttercup Pat. I buttercups. I am not very Eastery either. Everything just seems so dead and awful right now. I wish our country was like yours regarding the virus but alas it is not. One day all this will be over, and our hearts can lighten a bit then. In the meantime gardens and nature help.

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    • I quite like the wild buttercups as well. I am an atheist so all this Easter and even Christmas stuff means nothing to me. We had an increase of virus cases today, but still everything under control. It will be a while until this disappears. At least I can now stay at home is wonderful isolation until next Tuesday.

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      • I understand Pat. I sometimes wonder what I really believe. But so glad that you can stay at home until Tuesday. Sad that you have had more cases. I dread to think what ours have gone up to today. Our town only had 63 cases to date, yesterday. 63 too many, but we are near the lowest numbers in the country. Sheffield is VERY high, and near the top of the list, and is not far away from us at all, so that is a bit worrying. Just wish it would burn itself out. Anyway, let us think about buttercups. Hold them under your chin to see if you like butter. That is what we used to do as kids ๐Ÿ˜Š

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        • I remember the butter trick when I was a kid. My No. 2 son visited Sheffield twice when he was younger. He even had a guided tour of Sheffield Wednesday football ground. We have no cases in our village that I know of, but in the Kanton it went up to 7 cases last week. We are really lucky to be so low. It is the big towns that have a lot more. And now to stay at home for a short week.

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  2. Good morning, it is going to be another spring day. Here in Idaho, our governor is doing a good job handling the affair. Your flower pictures add much to help with stress. Easter doesn’t mean to me. Mother would buy 6 dozen eggs, one for each of us. As the oldest living at home, I was in charge of dying the eggs and to hide them. Stay safe and have a good Easter.

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    • Here great weather as well. today did my last shopping trip before easter and glad to have it all behind me. I am not an Easter person at all, means nothing to me. I bought some dyed eggs and a chocolate rabbit, but just for the sake of having something to eat when the shops are closed. Now the cupboards are filled and the fridge so I can relax.

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  3. A few apples should be sufficient. That is something that I used to tell clients regularly. Most people who live here now are not from here, so did not grow up with the orchards. They tend to believe that bigger is better and more abundant. I must explain that trees can get overworked and overburdened. They were bred to produce fruit that is unnaturally and disproportionately big and heavy for their limbs. Pruning allows trees to concentrate their resources into fewer but better fruit. Most people get way more fruit than they know what to do with anyway. Your trees are not too big, so would not make too much fruit. As long as you are not relying on them to produce a particular amount, they should provide enough to justify their space in the garden. Even if they don’t they are fun to grow and get pictures of.

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