RDP Wednesday: Perspicacity


Never heard of the word, so thank goodness there was an explanation, but I still do not really know how to apply it properly.

Perhaps this is a ready insight to things before you enter the supermarket. Apart from being counted as there is a limited amount of people allowed, there is this table. On it are two bottles of something disinfecting, probably alcoholic and it is voluntary if you use it or not. Just spray it on your hands and it dries immediately but you are ready to pick your goods, fill up your trolley and pay at the cash desk when leaving. Of course keeping a 2 meter distance from everyone.

What a life we are leading, who would have thought it possible. And so I leave the supermarket after paying with my plastic card, which is preferred against using real money. The final act is to once again disinfect your hands, you never know where those hairy peas are hovering. Now that is my perspicatial act of the day.

RDP Wednesday: Perspicacity

12 thoughts on “RDP Wednesday: Perspicacity

  1. I haven’t been inside a supermarket for probably about a month. I don’t feel like I want to go now as there are so many new rules to remember, where to stand, how many people can enter the store at a time, get your stuff quickly and get out. Empty shelves and angry people abusing the assistants. Frankly, I’m glad I can’t go there.

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    • At the beginning it was panic buying here. After a week things settled down and the measures our government took to stop the chaos were quite good. I am perhaps lucky to live more in a rural area with no large towns. It seems that people tend to do the shopping in the morning to buy what they can. However I go in the afternoon where I have no problems to get what I need. Perhaps I am lucky to live in a smaller country

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      • My nearest supermarkets are in small towns but as I have no means to go there I can only go by the comments I have seen on Facebook about some of the behaviour of customers towards staff. The restocking of shelves seems to be getting better and there are limits on what people may buy.

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        • Our stores are only allowed to sell food and household necessities. There have been no problems with the staff, more with other customers sometimes, but we have to keep a distance of 2 meters from each other and it is more the case of being more friendly towards each other and having something in common. Although I am over 70, have diabetes and MS I still do the shopping myself. My husband is partially Invalide and cannot walk so well. A neighbour has offered help, but I have a car and at the moment I can manage

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      • i do so envy almost every other country in the world right now with POSSIBLY the only exception being China.being an election year here in the U.S.has just emphasized the craziness and confusion. Sometimes i feel like we are actually the ones living behind a wall of insanity and the rest of the world is pretty sane. Lord, i hope everyone watching us knows we feel so helpless and controlled by our current administration and that we are NOT all imbeciles..

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        • Of course you are not all imbeciles, just one and one day he too shall pass. he is just the wrong man at the wrong time, but he insists that he is the best and most intelligent of all. I must admit one thing, he is quite good at telling lies and he even believes them.

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    • I only use alcohol when entering and leaving the store. Otherwise it is hand washing with liquid soap from my chemist. However, no matter how much you take precautions, too much hand washing also has its disadvantages, but rather a little dry skin on my hands as living corona cells.

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