On the Hunt for Joy Challenge: Switch it Up

Deep Freezer

It was more like “switch it on” when I decided to order a deep freeze chest.  I have a freezer in the kitchen, but just normal size. With corona virus hovering around and me bein a golden oldie I decided I should have more reserve groceries at home. My son reminded me that it is always good to have a store of useful food at home.

I decided this was sensible and so I ordered my new freezer as I discovered I had enough room in my laundry room. I must say this is really an investment that has payed off. We now have Easter, and at last I have been able to cater for everything in advance. I have a few frozen breads, fish, vegetable and also some meat inside. img_0501

At the same time on an empty small table also in the laundry room,  I switched up my reserves of canned food, jars, oil and pickles, and even two bottles of white and red wine (for cooking purposes of course). I think I am now set for the next crisis that might happen. Actually the Swiss government has always told its citizens to have an emergency food supply – you never know. I am not quite sure if this was joy, it was hard logistic work and I registered everything with dates, but I am now quite satisfied with the result.

On the Hunt for Joy Challenge: Switch it Up

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