5 thoughts on “April Photo a Day Challenge: 10. Authentic

  1. When I was young, my parents sent me to the Landdienst for several weeks. They thought I wd eat better with a farmer family. Every morning, I helped making a MOUNTAIN of Röschti, with spuds cooked the day before, and pooled out by yours truly from a very dark, humid hole in the earth, where they stayed until eaten. They grew huge whiteish spores/air roots and many were slimey. Beatles and spiders galore….. I was terrified. But a nice, crusty, golden browned Rösti still is a high light today and one of Switzerland’s best culinary features.
    En Guete!

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      • Oh, that’s even better. I don’t have the time to cook them so long from raw spuds. And they are hard to grate from raw. I wrote “rape” from the French word râper = grate, but then thought better of it!

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