RDP Monday: Precise


You just cannot take chances with a coronua virus hovering around. Not only did it threaten  our supply of toilet paper but it was a general warning that suddenly we would be confronted with empty stores. Already tins of cooked tomatoes had disappeared and now are replaced with king sized versions. I decided to take the problem into my own washed and disinfected hands. You must organise your life. I always go armed with a shopping list to the store, shared on my iPhone with that of Mr. Swiss, but to no avail if he does not read what is on the list. Today he added a packet of chocolate biscuits. I had to call him to say we have two packets in storage on the table in the laundry room.

I have now equipped myself with a deep freezer chest, you cannot take any chances, but the contents of this chest and the table in the cellar, must be recorded and secured on the iPhone. For this reason I now have an exact list of all the items. It is written mainly with German expressions as I did not want confusion to occur with Mr. Swiss, poor man is easily confused, especially when I have a brilliant idea. I even add the little pictures to my list to make it clear what it is. This is only the list for March.

Every month a new list is made with the newest additions and as the goods are used they are removed from the list. What could possibly go wrong. Yes in the times of corona, we must be prepared.

img_0461The April section is only a few days old, but that is increasing with every shopping expedition I take. You cannot take chances with corona, it is everywhere even if you cannot see it, it is ready to steal our supplies. Toilet rolls and hand sanitizer were just a beginning, a rehearsal. Who knows what the next step will be? We must make precise records of our actions in these days of warfare.

RDP Monday: Precise

11 thoughts on “RDP Monday: Precise

  1. When my husband used to ‘help’ me with the food shopping, he would take picture of items with his phone so he would know exactly what to purchase. I think they are all easily confused…. 😀

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  2. yesterday here in U.S. we started seeing a bunch of posts online that we are not supposed to even go grocery shopping or to the pharmacy for 2 weeks…which is absolutely crazy since up until only April 1st we were told NOT to hoard.. So, if you follow one recommendation, you are “screwed” for the next round…this needs to come to some calm.. It is no wonder people are so angry and confused. And yes, waiting for deliveries is up to 3 weeks now and most things aren’t even available. They have been cutting back on delivery hours, times and employees are going on strikes ..its just crazy!

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  3. Poor Mr Swiss….so easily confused…or just stocking up on those choc biscuits..With our PM hospitalised things are not looking good here either. Let’s hope he recovers soon to take charge of the lockdown and hopefully it will all be back to normal sooner! Take care…that was a good move ordering the chest freezer by the way. Take care, best wishes to you all 🙂

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    • I just have to be sure not to forget anything when shopping. Hope Bojo will soon recover. I keep in touch with Britain via TV and it looks quite bad, the NHS being overtaxed with problems. Switzerland is a Small Country and our government has a grip in the situation, but the virus is so unpredictable


  4. Here in Ghana, the government proposed a two week’s lock- down. It is almost ending but it looks like the government would be extending the duration upon critically looking at the situation. Already people are complaining, especially people who depend on daily works to survive. We’re still hoping for the best.

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