Good Morning


It is sunrise again, so now we are all awake and ready to go. Actually Is had one of those uncomfortable nights. Although I slept I had all sorts of vivid dreams. Since this coronavirus appeared I have a feeling that I am being followed. As long as I am not coughing or have fever I am reassured but always on the lookout. The latest statistics on my Swiss site show sinking amounts of the virus, but it is still there and we are still being careful. Although we had wonderful Spring weather yesterday I read that people were still remaining mainly at home and not making mass excursions to enjoy the weather in Switzerland. On the contrary I saw reports from London that the ignorant masses were out on the streets again bathing in the sun. Some people never learn. Since it all begun a month ago, I have not been into town and have no idea how it looks. My only excursion is to the store for food and I keep that to a minimum.


The birds are still looking for food in the morning, and have now changed their place nearer to my window. I have no more seeds to scatter but they always managed to find something somewhere. There is still a remainder on the bird house and when that is gone they will have to fed for theirselves, although there is plenty in the fields and meadows if they care to look.


And there is still plenty of water. It has not rained for a couple of weeks and I think I will have to spray the garden to give it enough moisture. And that is all I have to say at the moment. We are still in lock down, but it does not bother me so much. I think I realise how locked down I am in normal times without the virus. Take care everyone

8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning. I was just retiring for the night. It is raining nicely right now, which for here, is nice weather. It is not as pretty as your sunrise though. I am sorry that this lockdown makes life a bit more difficult.

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    • Our sunrises are getting a bit monotonous, but I still enjoy taking my daily photo. We are free to go for walks as long as we keep our distance, but at the moment I am making the most of isolation. I have energy days and others not so full of energy and today is one of the lazy days. MS seems to do what it wants with you.

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  2. Good morning … My mother who is in a nursing home in the interior of north America will be 101 in May .. they called on Friday to reassure us that she was doing OK, enjoying her protein shakes which they let her have copious amounts of and that it is still not on the horizon that we can come to see her. So there is that. Blessed Palm Sunday to everyone. We continue to look forward to dawn on each day of the coming week … as we always do … and may peace and good health come rest with you and your family. SLP …

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    • Glad she is being well looked after and cared for. I remember Palm Sunday when I was a kid. I used to go to Sunday school and we were given straw in the shape of a cross. I am dreading the Easter hoiday especially this time, as with everything in lockdown I can imagine it will be a stress shopping time, although I have already made a plan. May you also have a good week.


  3. People in our country are absolutely stupid. I don’t know what they don’t understand about this virus, despite the news being all around us and horrifying pictures galore. Well I am staying home. Have a good day Pat.

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    • I was just look at short films of London Fields this afternoon, one of the local parks in the East End of London. It is packed with people sitting on the lawns, families with their kids and otherwise groups of walkers. Do they think the problem is only there in bad weather?


  4. Good morning, it is going to be another spring day. My life has been the same as precornavirus days. When you young, yo don’t believe

    Good morning, it is going to be another spring day here. I marvel at my plant’s growth in the apartment. There is a lovely deep rose that is perfect and no camera to take a picture. Enjoy the sunny day and stay safe.


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