Good Morning


Looks like the beginning of a sunny week-end. Does this mean that people will again be flocking outside, leaving their places of isolation, to enjoy it all. It has a price to pay if you do, but many never learn.  I do not even risk a wheelie in my area, although it is open countryside and you very rarely meet human beings even on a non-coronusvirus day. What are those days. They are so far away. Only yesterday I was in the store and we were all taking care not to get too near to each other. There was a young lady approaching me with her trolley and I also had a trolley. I decided to wait on one side until she passed. She laughed and thanked me and afterwards said “I will be glad when we can walk normally again” which just about summed the feelings up that we all have.

Will we learn something from this when it is over, and one day it will be over, but not in the near future. I do not think we will really. We might no longer empty the shelves of toilet paper or tinned food because pandemic is often confused with famine. Why on earth are people now buying flour in all varieties and sorts? That is something I do not understand. Everyone is buying Spelt flour, something I would never dream of using. A very wholewheat sort. Are we all becoming health specialists? And the run on tinned tomatoes continues. For a while they had the normal sizes again in the store, but these have now again disappeared. However they have been replaced with the largest tins which is far too much for a serving of a spaghetti meal. I must admit, shamefully, that I stocked up on a few normal-sized tins when they were again available, although my 5 tins of panic will soon be used.


Nature is clapping its hands in gratitude for the recovery time it now has. Air quality has improved, there is less noise and movement in the earth surface and even the oceans can relax with less cruise ships and cargo ships. As soon as things are back to the pre virus days I am sure this will all be forgotten and we will be back to the old routine of our plastic throwaways in the oceans and blocked roads and motorways. Perhaps it is because I am a golden oldie, been there and seen it all, that I am not missing the daily stress so much. I realised I do not even buy clothes. I have my style and only dress when I go shopping for appearances. Otherwise I laze around in isolation at home in my comfortable loose fitting trousers (with an elastic waist) and loose fitting top. Cosmetics became non existent for me many years ago. Perhaps it is me and my strange ideas of a good life but it never interested me. However, I am sure there are those that cannot wait to spend again on these items. The only thing I am missing at the moment is a decent hand sanitizer, not to think of a mask, which have become non-existent.

It is times like these when you realise how important it is to have food on the table. I now realise what my mum felt when one of her principles was exactly that. She was not a good cook, thinking that essentials were potatoes, cabbage and meat, but after going through 5 years of war and rationing, you learn to recognise life’s real necessities. The only reason I leave my isolation is to replenish food for the family. And now for something completely different.


I was sitting at the kitchen table (my favourite place for blogging) and looking out of the window watching the birds flying back and forth for food. I then saw one of the local cats taking a walk on the edge of the garden where the hawthorn tree is flowering. At the moment it is a congregational place for all sorts of smaller birds, mainly sparrows. Now no self respecting feline could walk past such a food supply. This cat decided to go for it and made a jump into the hawthorn tree. I took many photos but this was the best I could manage. It seems that the birds were quicker and after about a quarter of an hour the cat decided to give up and leave. It is reassuring to see how nature continues regardless of what we humans are doing.


As I no longer put out so much food for the sparrows they have now moved their hunger search to the bird house which was generally reserved for the smaller colourful tits. Today I used the remains of the seeds for wild birds, The store no longer have any until next Winter and so they will have to fend for theirselves. However, they will survive I am sure. They have all put on weight from my feeding plan and have enough reserves.

It is time for me to move on to more essential daily tasks and I should put the meat on cooking. It is boiled beef with veg today and it will take a couple of hours to simmer. Have fun everyone, remember to stay at home in this wonderful weather, I will, although perhaps a little outside in the garden.


And here he is again still searching for a bird in the tree.


14 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Thank you for your thoughts and observations. I noticed that there IS t.p. available again…. finally. But the very expensive one with s roll price of 1.50…. soon all the hoarders will be shamed to sit on their loot while the stores will offer specials 😉
    I haven’t looked for toms in cans, can’t say the state of the shelves, but was ale to buy a Zopf at 7.50pm yesterday…. En Guete!

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  2. Oooooh the kitty in the blooming tree is so pretty !!! I agree with you .. human kind won’t learn anything … oh wait .. in our country we may learn the advantages of advance planning for other than a military war .. if you know what I mean … but alas .. not much else … maybe history will prove me wrong? Dunno. Have a great day .. SLP ….

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    • Kitty was just doing what all kitties do. Perhaps something might be learnt from this problem. I am hoping that a certain president eventually gets his just deserts and disappears forever instead of being the joke of Internet.


  3. I noticed all our stores have signs that they will not refund any money to those who hoarded supplies and then want to return them for cash when this is all over. Ridiculous that people feel the need to stockpile, and even more crazy that they have to be told they cannot profit from it.

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    • I actually thought stock piling had now finished because our stores have enough to sell, but I noticed yesterday that now and again it week is Easter and you now have the double stock piling, the usual coronus panic buying and now the Easter panic buying. Your stores are being sensible. Those that bought it should use it.

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  4. Good morning, there was a beautiful sunrise this morning, the first in a long time. The forecast is for warmer weather. I agree with you that will be back to our normal actions, history has shown that. I remember rationing during World War 2. We did have enough to eat but always what we wanted. I am happy that nature is moving along without our aid. Stay safe!

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    • It has warmed up here although not much chance to get out and enjoy it, just stay near. Life was definitely different in the war, and I have noticed we also now have to be inventive with our actions.

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  5. I read a piece yesterday about deer appearing in the streets in east London. In Romford in fact. Imagine that!
    An online store I buy clothes from is giving big discounts and I thought about topping up on my favourite 3/4 sleeve T-shirts but then I thought why bother? I have enough, and like you, I only dress up if I am going somewhere. The rest of the time it’s comfortable elastic waist pants and a T-shirt or sweatshirt if it’s cool. I don’t wear make up any more unless I’m going somewhere special, then just a little powder and lipstick. I never liked the feel of makeup on my face so now I just don’t bother.

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    • I did a search in Internet and it seems that the deer in Dagenham Park have now made themselves comfortable in gardens in Harold Hill, near Romford. They have had foxes for some time, but now the deer are moving in and good luck to them. As soon as the traffic returns they will probably disappear again.
      I think in the last two years I bought two pairs of trousers as the ones I had no longer fitted so well, but I found what I wanted online. I never go to shops for clothes any more. Since the only shop in town that I liked for clohes had to close as it no longer had enough real customers. I am now online for clothes. I buy very rarely as I really do not need anything. I also do not like make up on my face.

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  6. Today was cleaning day. Vacuuming. Changing the covers on the sofa, the sheets on the bed. It doesn’t sound like much, but it was a lot. We have slowed down the feeding. We wait until the feeders are truly empty before refilling them. Most of the heavy eating goes on at night. Between the raccoons and the flying squirrels, a lot of food is disappearing in a very big hurry. I suppose I need to check and see if we need more food. Maybe there will be more sales. I need my birds more than they need me. They are the bright patches in my grey world, though today there are patches of sun. More rain tomorrow, though.

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    • My bird feeding is now coming to an end, the store has no more seeds and in summer they should no longer need our help. I am quite up to date with cleaning, in spite of the fact that my cleaning lady will not be coming until the Coronas invasion is over. She does the shower, bathroom and kitchen, but I have everything under control at the moment


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