Good Morning


The sun was well and truly shining when I took the photo this morning. Perhaps I got a little too close with the phone camera, but it was really a strong light. It was quite cold outside, but during the day I am hoping it will warm up. Yesterday was an isolated day. I did not go anywhere and it was just Mr. Swiss and me and the cat. I did have a few words with my neighbour, nicely separated by the hedge in between. She has a little boy who has now begun to discover that legs are for walking. She said she stays mainly at home at the moment, as most of us.

Today I will be on the quest for week-end shopping food, but up to now there are no great crowds. I am already beginning to plan next week as it is the Easter week-end. I am not sure whether our stores will be closed for the normal Easter holidays or not, but they probably will be. I am having to plan food that I can buy in advance and keep, as from Friday until Monday all is closed. Saturday will be a normal shopping day, but what is normal at the moment. I will try to avoid Saturday shopping. Needless to say there will be no Easter Eggs or chocolate bunnies. We have other problems to solve at the moment. I feel that Easter and any other special events no long mean anything.


At last my tulips are flowering in the garden, the last of the Spring flowers to show their colours. I also have some red tulips but they are still in bud. Otherwise there is not very much action here at the moment. I just got a call from my telephone supplier, the Swisscom, telling me of the advantages of the new and better subscription system they have for calls in other countries. I explained that 10 years ago it would have been interesting, but today I no longer travel anywhere and my connections abroad no longer really exist. Actually when I think of it, no-one really calls me and the only calls I make are usually by the messenger. They cost nothing and I have all the advantages of the usual connections.

And now I am really going places and doing things, like the bathroom and a general walk with the Dyson through the apartment. I also have a pile of bed linen to iron (duvet and pillow covers) which does not take so long and I will do it straight away to get it done and done with. And as another day dawns on the empty streets I hope you are all keeping safe from the dreaded unknown enemy.


12 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I worked out for the first time in 3 weeks today. It is hard adjusting because I preferred group classes for working out. but it seems like we need to discover a new normal for us. I went for a jog and the scenery was beautiful also. Thank you so much for your post.. โค stay safe and stay healthy …. ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

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  2. Oh thanks …. you reminded me that I failed to do the bed sheets on Wed … the normal day … so I will do them today. Somehow this week slipped away, I caught up on a lot of old newspapers … I saved certain pages of book reviews and things and yesteday I spent a couple of hours doing that. We figured out when my wife is upstairs in her office teleconferencing that it really works better if I turn my computer off so that all the broadband or whatever goes to her machine. With all the little kids home now sucking off the Internet Cable … it is taxing the system. Who knew Dora the Explorer could have such an impact? Or Nemo or whoever …. Have a great day … SLP …

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    • Now seems to be the time to catch up on things. I have just been busy planning food for easter to see how much I can Organise in advance. Home office is OK, but I suppose it can exhaust the broadband connections


    • I am dreading the Easter shopping. Today seemed to be a dress rehearsal. The crowds were there in the morning and I was left with the remainders in the afternoon, but I did mange to get what I wanted.

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