Good Morning


I seem to be dithering around in the morning and already almost an hour is gone until I am sitting comfortably at the kitchen table with breakfast and computer (in that order of course). Today is fresh linen day on the beds, so I also spent a little time removing the linen. Whilst I am letting the mattress air out I decided to relax and say good morning to everyone (although for those over the pond it is probably late evening). I am very aware of the world clock as I worked for 30 years in export, and if you wanted to contact your customers you had to be aware of office hours. I could contact the down under countries (Australia and New Zealand) early in the morning before they left the office for the pub and the Asians were only available during our morning.

Well, the sun is rising again and so it looks like it will be a good one.


Yesterday mid afternoon I was again on a shopping excursion. As I noticed that the trolleys were few on the upper part of my parking space, I decided to park at the main entrance where the trolleys are all parked. I entered through the main part of the mall, and saw only emptiness: right and left all was closed. Even the benches for sitting on were covered with black and yellow striped tape to prevent any human contact. The kiosk on the right was still open, although only one person at a time allowed entrance. I even saw a human filling in his lotto cards which are in the red stand at the entrance. I suppose old habits die hard. It can get quite depressing with time. Perhaps it helps me to get out with a purposes now and again.

I had a wonderful experience yesterday. I met a neighbour who lives in the same block as I but at the other end. We met once before. She is from Asia and we speak english together and she remembered me, even my name, and asked how things were for me and immediately offered her help with shopping. She said if I could not get out to the shops she would be glad to do any shopping I would need. Even bringing crates of bottles would be no problem. She gave me her mobile number and I was quite glad. I can manage quite well on my own, but you never know if I might have a problem. Mr. Swiss cannot go far alone and my handicapped son (autist) also would have problems. To be quite honest I am glad for the opportunity to get to the shops now and again and break out from my isolation. The store is quite big, the amount of people allowed in is controlled and there has never been an entering problem.

I also visited the chemists in the mall yesterday. Everything was cordoned off although I saw a couple of assistants on the other side. I called over if I could enter and she laughed, greeted my by name (who doesn’t know me?) and said to enter. I needed a refill of those little brushes for cleaning between the teeth and a bottle of hand liquid soap refill also caught my eye. I got the original small bottle as a birthday gift from the chemist shop, when I could choose from a few things, and now I have a half litre bottle to fill it up when empty. I hope I am not getting boring with all these silly details, but at the moment they are the big events in my isolated life.

After eventually picking up my groceries it was time to go. I had a word with the customer service lady about the availability of trolleys at my favourite parking  space as I noticed they were no longer depositing so many there. A few days ago I took the last one. She said it should not be the case, and if I would have a problem to report it at the desk. She would organise one for me, as I am a little handicapped with walking, and would now make sure that there would be enough of them ready. I was glad as I was not sure if they were now deliberately no longer bothering due to coronavirus. I just wish it would all come to an end some time. I keep an eye on the local developments. You have a feeling that there are now a few less cases, but only a few, and we are long not out of the woods.


As I stood at the main entrance I looked towards the entrance path which was also empty. It reminded me of the ghost towns in the wild West after the gold rush was over. It can give you a very strange feeling now and again.

Today is another day of isolation at home. Thank goodness for some bird life now and again to break the monotony. I even saw one of the crow population this morning choosing his walnut of the day. Keep safe and well and may it one day all come to an end.


21 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Oh Pat, I echo what you feel. I so wish it was all over. It can get so wearing. I hope and pray that this nasty little thing that has caused so much pain to so many people will take its leave of us. We are used to being in isolation, but at least we could go for a short drive in the car each day, we can ni longer do that, and as neuther of us can walk, we cannot go for that one permitted walk per day. We could have maybe gone foor a foray in our wheelchairs if I had not been blind. But we just have to wait, and sit it out until it is all over.

    We too have birds come to us in our corkscrew willow tree. A robin. Goldfinches. Magpies doing silly stunts on the road outside. Pigeons doing the same, coal tits, other kinds of tits sometimes. So they keep us going. Have as good a day as you can Pat.

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    • I don’t even trust myself to go anywhere in my wheelchair. It’s a small village and tongues can get loose about the lady that takes no care and goes for wheelies. Today I am also at home, me and my computer. Mr. Swiss with his nose in a book or his iPad. We are both thinking of the good old days when we could by hand sanitizer and visit the doctor or dentist. Mr. Swiss was saying he is sure, when he could again move around (also one of us) he is sure he would find a store somewhere in town to get hand sanitizer. He is still living in the pre coronus days. I had to tell him that we are now in the dark days where all stores are closed, hand sanitizer is something like finding a four leaf clover and you have to make do with normal soap. Be glad that we have enough.
      I am now sitting outside in the sun, with the shades down, and listening to the sounds of nature. Shame you live so far away, we could isolate together.

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      • That would be nice wouldn’t it Pat. I love listening to the sounds of nature but it is interrupted by the sound of lawn mowers, drills, and whatever else you care to name.n. I can hardly believe that ine day all this will be over. But I suppose it will.

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        • And if we didn’t have the other noises, we would also miss them. By the way you never hear a lawn mower in Switzerland on Sunday. It would not be allowed, but people just do not mow their lawns on Sunday.

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          • Yes, the other noises let me know that there are ither people on this olanet. Actually on the first day of locjdown we had a lot. But now we don’t have so many. I do like to know that there are othernpeopke around at least! I did not know that lawn mowers are not allowed on a Sunday in aswutzerlabd.

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          • It’s an old thing about the lawn mowers, but no-one would dare to use one on a Sunday. We often hear the ambulance on its way to the hospital, althougha at the moment not something I like to hear. And at the moment I can hear Mr. Swiss pottering around in the kitchen making tea.


    • Today is a day at home, no shopping and no people. I was just talking to Mr. Swiss and we agreed it was not really very much different. We were always stay at home people, glad to avoid invitations and not inviting very much. The difference is now that we have a reason to be at home. I usually go shopping in the mid afternoon. No-one in their right mind goes shopping in the middle of the afternoon.I almost have the store to myself. Bear up and think what you can tell future generations in 50 years.

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  2. You know, I have been looking at real estate in some of those old ghost towns. Some of them are not so abandoned anymore. I was considering buying a home in Trona just prior to the earthquake on the Fourth (and Sixth) of July. They were quite affordable (cheap) just prior to the earthquakes, but suddenly became more expensive afterward.

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        • Some have their vacation houses in Switzerland in the part neighbouring Italy where the vegitation is more Meditarranean and the weather is always good. However, their Easter holidays in the South are not taking place this year, they will have difficulty getting there because of the virus.

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          • Those sorts of vacation houses are much more inviting that what I was looking at. As a horticulturist, I was considering something without vegetation to distract from vacationing. In Trona, the ground is so saline, that not much can be grown there.


  3. They are talking about a FULL quarantine of this entire state. I’m forbidden by law to go out unless I have to and my doctor says that if I go out I am very likely to die. Garry too. Are we having fun yet?

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