RDP Wednesday: Infrangible


Another visit to the store this afternoon.. This time I had a look around at the deserted places, the parts that are closed up with no human visitors. We are only allowed to shop in the grocery and domestic departments for goods needed: no clothing and definitely no plants, but just a minute.

I parked this time in a different place, next to the main entrance. Outside the garden furniture was on display, although no-one is allowed to touch it or try it out.

And then we have the gardening department, also cordoned off and no admission. You can look at the goods, but no touching. The plants are still outside and someone in the store is looking after them, giving them water and making sure they do not die. They are still looking good in the outside sun and may they survive the coronavirus epidemic, just to prove that not everything has to suffer – I hope. They might not be infrangible, but with care they will survive, I am sure.

RDP Wednesday: Infrangible

6 thoughts on “RDP Wednesday: Infrangible

  1. This feels so good. In our Migros they put them away. They wouldn’t be sold and since I have no bags of compost, and can’t buy any, I’m at a loss. Very sad. Also, our beautiful flower shops are deserted- it does not bear thinking about all these micro businesses going bust….

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  2. Growing food this year which I did not plan to do, but… I can’t put anything outside until June 1, but I’ll be starting seeds as soon as they arrive. I hope all those beautiful plans make it.

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  3. How sad. I just stopped because it looked like a garden department. I know that seed and vegetable plants are selling fast from supermarkets here because so many of us have time for gardening now. Otherwise, nurseries are closed. It is saddening to know that this is supposed to be a busy season for many of my colleagues who grow horticultural commodities.

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    • I just hope that the plants will be saved. I see many of my neighbors busy in their gardens now. I usually have my gardener at thi. S time of the year but I i have had to leave it.

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