Good Morning


It certainly was a bright sun this morning. The last day of March, and time certainly does go fast. I think March 2020 will be a month to remain in our memories for a long time: the month of the coronavirus or the time when Covid 19 entered our lives. I wonder what future generations will make of it in 100 years time? It will probably just be just a chapter, or perhaps only a few pages, to read in the school history books.

I was again shopping yesterday, so I make the most of a bad thing. We golden oldies are supposed to stay at home. And if you are diabetic and have some other sort of strange illness, you should not show yourselves in public. I must have become a rebel over the years. Mr. Swiss can no longer go anywhere without support and his walking abilities are worst than mine. My No. 1 son is working during the day, so I am all that is left. Of course we have village offers to go shopping and I even have a telephone number to call if I need anything, but obstinate me is still doing it herself. I live in a Kanton with less infections than most and our supermarket is large enough to distribute the allowed entrances well. I usually visit in the mid afternoon when the amount of registered entrances is around 100 (including staff) which is really not so many as the store is quite large.

Since having my king sized refrigerator chest, I also have more possibilities to store a little more, although it all has to be registered, so I have a new hobby. I make a list of what I have per month on my smartphone to make sure the contents do not get forgotten. Every time I return from my buying safari I update my list of what I have.  Yesterday I saw they we selling St. Gall Bratwurst, 4 pieces, at half price. They are now nicely being frozen for later use. You must realise that St. Gall calf meat sausages are the best of them all. Otherwise it was a relaxed shopping trip, everyone keeping their distance and greeting with a laugh at the situation.

Otherwise life goes on. Mr. Swiss would have a eye doctor appointment tomorrow for a check after his glaucoma operation on both eyes last year. He feels fine and has no problems. However with the current situation he called the practice this morning and it seems they have business as usual. He decided, and I agree, to postpone the appointment until later as now would not be a good time to go out into the world for him, being a platinum golden oldie of 80 years, especially for an eye examination..


This is my new trophy from the supermarket. I again collected enough stickies and exchange the card for two such assortments of small garden tools. They are very well made and even with an apron to carry them when gardening. I had enough stickies for two sets, and have put one on the side for No. 1 grandchild. He is now at the experimental stage in development- It will have to wait however, as we are temporarily separated due to Covid 19, my son living in another part of Switzerland, but one day we will see each other again.


The sparrows are gathering again and each day get closer. Perhaps they are planning to take over. The sparrows even invaded the birdhouse yesterday, which is generally left to the smaller varieties of birds although sparrows are also meant to be small. However mine are now so well fed, they are on the way to make competition to the pigeons.

On this note I leave you until later. Keep safe, keep well, and if you see one of those hairy pea virus things floating in the air, tell Donald Trump. He will shoot them down.

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning, It was a pleasure to watch the USNS arrive in NewYork and the hospital tents being set up in NY central parks. While there is a vacuum in the Federal area, The states governors are taking charge. Another mixed weather here. There is a thin cloud cover right now. Stay safe!

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    • I am sure it was reassuring to have the hospital tents being organised. In London they will have the largest hospital availablw, The Nightingale Centre being errected on the banks of the River Thames, near to where I grew up. In Switzerland we have enough hospiital beds so far and just hoping that the peak of illness has now been reached.

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  2. We had our first sunny day in a week today. The birds were out looking brilliantly yellow and the raccoons are the ones eating us out of house and home. I have pictures. They stand under the big feeder and stick their paws in the feeder and pull food out by the pawful, dropping half of it on the deck. Very messy deck. Very fat raccoons. This has been a month worth forgetting.

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    • We have lots of sparrows feeding in the afternoon mainly from the ground, bit now and again they venture to the feeder. Thr weather has a cold nip in the morning, but yesterday afternoon I was sitting outside in the sun. I had to lower the sun blind as it was blinding on the computer


  3. What a delightful gift for a young one. Just don’t start any bad habits. My parents got me gardening tools when I was quite young. There are certainly better career choices.

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