RDP Monday: Slick


I returned from the store about an hour ago, just a little more. One thing is clear, that shopping has never been so calm and slick. No crowds, no stress and plenty of room. Everyone is making a large curve around the others. It has now got to the point that people are making more contact with each other verbally, at a distance of course. We all have something in common, or hopefully not in common,  and are doing our best to keep it that way. Although the idea is to lessen communication, it is  more or less having the opposite effect. Everyone is friendly and courteous.

And now our store powers have a new development. I must say they are really keeping on the ball and everything is being organised. I am sure the public relations department are busy.

We now have sticky posted lines all over the floors at certain intervals. Of course it is in German, as we are in a German speaking area of Switzerland, but in english it would be:

+Keep a Distance” and “That is how we protect ourselves”.

As I approached the cash desk, I waited behind the sign on the floor. There are two sections at every desk, but now you are only to use one and to wait until the person before you is finished with paying and packing the goods. Life in the Coronavirus World is certainly something completely different.

And to crown it all, success. I even bought another pack of 10 toilet rolls with no problem, and the sort I always buy.


RDP Monday: Slick

7 thoughts on “RDP Monday: Slick

  1. I’m preparing an order for my store and plan to pick it up on Wednesday. Seems like a good solution. We’ll see, though. This way I pay ahead, they pack my stuff and put it in my car. Bringing it safely into my house will be the next challenge but…

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    • It’s difficult to get deliveries from the stores as they have few slots left. However i can shop myself and drive off home afterwards. There are people offering to shop for you, but up to now I am managing OK.

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  2. We have these lines in Colorado. I didn’t see them at first, but an employee politely showed me where I needed to stand to be safe. 🙂 Now I know to look for them. My husband hit the jackpot and found a 24 roll of TP. :). Take care.


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