Good Morning


No wonderful sunrise this morning because it has not risen. We even had some rain during the night, although not a lot: just enough to make everything a big damp. Of course it snowed up in the Jura mountains which did not surprise me. It is cold enough. We had no snow in our part of the lowlands, just a very cold wind.

I spent a week-end at home in isolation. I could have gone out on a wheelie in my chair, but somehow I felt it would be the wrong thing to do although I was tempted to just have a look what an empty town looks like. I will venture to the store today but everyone keeps their distance, and everyone are few, I feel safe enough. What I cannot understand are the people that flock out in droves as soon as we get a nice Spring weekend. Under normal circumstances it would be no problem. Normal has now become rare.  iI seems the parking lots in our tourist areas were packed with cars and people were again going for their walks. I read some reports in the news that the group law of not more than 5 people together was also being ignored. The police were busy handing out fines of 100 Swiss francs to the guilty, making it an expensive outing.  Some people never learn. It was mostly groups of youngsters, but golden oldies are not innocent. The amount of coronus victims in Switzerland is not declining and care is still called for.


And look who hopped past this morning. I had to be quick to catch him as robins are very shy and come only one at a time. He pecked at a few seeds and then disappeared again. Even he seems to have put on weight like the rest of my local birds. I was thinking of not feeding them this morning, but could not be so hard hearted. They were all sitting in the hawthorn tree and waiting for my appearance before descending to see what was to be had for breakfast.


And now to get on with the daily chores and try to forget about the enemy, although the radio and TV seems to have nothing else to report at the moment. If only a little good news would come in between. Even the idea of shooting the virus down with bullets is not a solution but it seems no-one told Mr. Trump. I can imagine him sitting at the window of the oval office armed with a gun and every-time a coronus virus flies past he take aim. Thank goodness we have such “brave” people.

Make the most of the day is all I can say. I leave you with my rosemary which has at last decided to open its flowers.



11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. It is much the same here Pat. People disobeying etc. They think it is a holiday not a lockdown. We had a robin yesterday morning according to hubby. We have also had goldfinces, coal tits, chaffinches, andbthenusual pigeons acting stupid as always. Oh, and magpies. Have a good day Pat, curcumstances permitting.

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  2. It is morning again and braving news media I only get depressed. The weather is still weird. It has been 3 weeks since this retirement home answer the stay at home message now. Good NEWS most of my extended family have not been hit by the virus. Our President is busy running for reelection and handing out flaw material to some states and giving out the wrong information. It would be nice to see how many have recovered and not with new cases. and deaths. Safe save.

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  3. This is our third week at home. I set my wife up with a telework broadcasting studio up in her office, We learned how to put a fake background on the screen and she sits in front of that, so tomorrow we are going to take down the bedsheet we had hung behind her so no one would see the ironing board. I found a nice photo of a greenhouse with orchids (thinking of some of your pictures … actually I could have probably copied one of them with the Jura Mountains and put it there .. they call it a “virtual” background, so it looks like she is sitting in front of a window sill of orchids with a greenhouse window beyond. When I go out walking the streets are empty. There is a major four lane road near our house which is empty. The buses are running half schedule so every 30 minutes, so I just walk down the middle of the street. It’s actually delightful and you can hear the birds singing. We have lived here 22 years and I never realized how there was always a low rumble of traffic, airplanes landing nearby, etc etc. We will have this state of affairs until end of April. I am sorry for the people who don’t have a paycheck, I am retired and my pension payments continue to come. We are helping to suppport our minister. I am sitting here watching TV and they are setting up military field hospital tents in NYC’s central park .. just unbelievable … Have a great day. SLP…

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    • We live in a small village so everything is always quiet. I visit the store now and again, but ipepple are well distributed and spread. We never really did a lot of socializing so are not missing very much. We are lucky to be living in one of the areas less affected in Switzerland, although it is everywhere. We just have to be patient and wait for it to pass.


  4. That snow is rad! I was told that when the sky turned bluer over Los Angeles than anyone can ever remember it being, that there was initially a bit of snow on top of the San Gabriel Mountains in the background (looking from the West Side). Also, there was briefly a bit of snow on top of Mount Hamilton on the far side of the Santa Clara Valley, behind San Jose (looking from the West Side), all under an unusually clear blue sky. There was certainly more smog when I was a kid (more from industrial smoke and the burning of the orchard debris in winter and early spring), but I remember being able to see snow on the mountains sometimes. It was odd for some of us kids who had never seen snow before. I did not know what it was, and could not really imagine what it was like. Those in other regions think that it is odd that there can be snow on the distant mountains while the weather in Los Angeles and San Jose is so delightful, or even summery warm. I can not imagine what mountains like the Jura are like. They are so high and close to where people live. The flora alone would be baffling.

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    • Snow is fine when you can look at it from afar, but if it is cold enough to get to the lowlands, it is not so rad. It means slipping and sliding over the road, not making any braking maoevres when driving without thinking about it and hoping that the windows do not get covered with ice. As the mountains are a lot higher the snow mainly stays up there. Even with snow the plants begin to flower in Spring and it is not a rare view to see the yellows of crocuses peeping through the snow. Thei Winter we hardly had any snow at all and I was not sorry.

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      • That is what I learned about crocus when I was a kid; that they come out to bloom through the melting snow. What is funny about that now is that, at the time, I had no idea what snow was. After experiencing just a slight big of snow in Oklahoma, I can see why those who are familiar with it dislike it so.

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