RDP Sunday: Sandwich

Egg and Tomato Sandwich

And there you have it, my favourite, plain and simple: egg and tomato. Of course you have to have bread which is no great problem today.

Today the egg and tomato sandwich has perhaps another name. We could call it the “Isolation sandwich”. You have the bread at home in the freezer for emergencies. A box of eggs is also something you can store for some time. The tomatoes could present a problem, so keep a tube of tomato ketchup in the fridge in case the tomatoes are not available or are too old to use.. I like my eggs with black pepper.

I wonder how the Earl of Sandwich managed without a fridge.

RDP Sunday: Sandwich

13 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: Sandwich

  1. We had a sudden recognition last night that we forgot to buy tomatoes … and lettuce. This was because we had hamburgers for dinner. Not the recommended dinner for isolationists, but it was delicious. The tomatoes and lettuce could only have been an improvement.

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  2. Is that Mayo or Butter? I make an excellent egg salad, you could ask anyone! Lately, because of the staying home, I have been boiling eggs like crazy. Amazing how quick they go. I typically buy brown, but soon may do white so I can color them for Easter. I used to have chickens so I had new eggs every day! I loved it, but they can be a lot of work, especially in the winter!

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